Conversion of crypto assets and phiatic means

Conversion of currencies is the exchange of one monetary unit for another taking into account the rate. We are used to converting fiat money, which is carried out in banks. But with the advent of the cryptocurrency, the financial market requires new solutions.
Now the conversion is carried out not only from the phiatic assets to the phiatic, but also to the cryptocurrency and vice versa. To effectively use cryptocurrency as a means of payment, you need to find a quality service for converting.

The conversion of assets when buying / selling on the platform NYiGDE?.

Cryptographic digitization of business is an indispensable condition for maintaining competitiveness for online business in modern e-commerce markets. At the same time, this makes the marketplace of users in e-commerce dependent on a third party providing a payment infrastructure. The services of classical banks are convenient in the means of finance, while they are quite limited for crypto-assets which allows us to capture a significant market share through the blockchain ecosystem NYiGDE?, the use of a smart-contract and Auto-swap of assets allow buyers and sellers to buy or sell goods / services for any crypto- and fiat funds. This makes the platform functionalties more flexible and dynamic for users in the world of electronic commerce.

Our advantages:

  • The most complete set of financial instruments for the calculation of fiat assets (Paypal, - Visa, Mastercard and others).
  • Integrated crypto-Auto-swap - a tool for calculating crypto assets or converting to fiat funds.
  • Auto-swap of popular crypto assets.

Auto-swap of assets when buying and selling on a platform NYiGDE?:

  • From crypto assets to other crypto assets.
  • From fiat funds to other fiat funds.
  • From crypto assets to fiat funds.
  • From fiat funds to crypto assets.

The presence of a large number of financial instruments and flexible opportunities to convert monetary assets make the platform NYiGDE? the best choice for internet trading.

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