Attention! 2 days left till the end of huge bounty from Famous TIO Tour Guides !

 Tio Tour Guides creating a social Platform for tourists, tour guides and tour operators to interconnect. On the TIO platform ( ) users will be able search for tours based on their personal preference, physical capabilities and every other possible keyword that will allow them to fine tune their search. Users will also be able to create their tour for which they will either be the guide, or keep it open for anyone else to guide it. Using our cryptocurrency users can pay for services on our platform. We will also offer escrow payment option for services offered on our platform. 

Tio Tour Guides its great and useful project for the future, having great success !

Also two days left to participate in TIO bounty, link to conditions -

Advise you to register just now,   #TioTourGuides have a great  proposal:

- First 2,000 Facebook accounts to like and follow TIO page gets a Free high quality Tio Tour Guides Promotional T-shirt. ( Link of TIO facebook page )
T-shirts will be posted to you. The DHL Post Reference No will be your lottery Ticket Number.
A draw will be drawn in late December and
– 34 Lucky winners will win a Samsung Galaxy S7 Phone
– 10 lucky winners will win an all expense paid trip for two to One in 9 South East Asian Countries of their choice. Trip will include Hotel stays at a minimum 3 star hotel, Meals and Airport Pick Up/send off!
– 7 lucky Winners will be given a reward of 2,500 Tio  

 Dont forget to registred your participation by link : 

Also the same bounty and prizes for Twitter participation:

TIO twitter account link is -

Dont forget to register your participation here - 


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