Investa - the best platform for using cryptocurrency in real life.

With the advent of the first cryptocurrency, the world has changed. Finance is gradually getting out-of-state control. Financial freedom attracts many people. The first platform for them in the field of digital banking services can be Investa Blockchain technology will help make Investa a platform that will change the lives of users who believe in future cryptocurrency. The platform will provide instant access to your own money in the electronic wallet. Through the application you can use the services of the exchange, quickly transfer money.
Tokens INV owners will be able to participate in the ETF fund. To do this, marker holders simply place them in the application. Then the funds will be taken over by asset management professionals, and the holders will receive a monthly income.
On the platform will be created an electronic purse Investa. The purse will provide reliable storage of digital money, transactions will be carried out quickly, the transition between cryptocurrencies and fiat money will occur without delay. The reliability of the wallet will increase the multi-signature. Funds in it will be distributed as follows: 95% will be on offline storage, and 5% are available online to provide quick access to money. Advantage of the electronic purse Investa will be an instant conversion of cryptocurrency into fiat money and vice versa. Payment of goods and services in the real world will be simple and convenient with Investa. Electronic purse along with a debit card will provide comfort to the user in different countries of the world.

The platform will create its own stock exchange. It will have a multi-language interface for the convenience of users. Commission for the use of the exchange is set at 0.5%, which is much lower than on existing platforms. High speed of work will ensure the conduct of transactions in real time. Online customer support will be available around the clock. A feature of the exchange will be a large supported range of fiat currencies.
An important condition for the development of the Investa project is the introduction of the ATM system. With the help of ATM, users are provided with a number of financial transactions: purchase of cryptocurrency, exchange for the currency of the country where ATM is located, transfer of money from one purse to another, payment of local utilities, replenishment of a mobile phone account.
Holders of INV tokens can earn by investing their funds on a credit platform. Owners of markers will be able to choose the type of investment. Participants will be able to receive daily profit. The purchase of INV coins and their placement in a deposit purse will also automatically bring income to the holder of the tokens.
Pre Sale will start on May 1, 2018. At the start of the pre-sale, the value of the INV token is $ 0.4. Then it will rise periodically. Do not delay the purchase of INV markers for long.


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