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The use of cryptocurrency is not yet a simple and affordable process. Many people face difficulties when registering on various platforms. Others are not satisfied with the need to disclose personal data. In addition to these issues, existing sites often exhibit high commission fees, which does not attract users. Operations with cryptocurrencies should not violate the legislation of the countries in which they are conducted. All these questions prevent people from joining the world of cryptocurrency. The developers of the project Konios want to correct the situation The team is working on creating a platform that will ensure the possibility of mutual penetration of digital money units and fiat funds into all spheres of life. Principle of the site is based on direct exchange of currencies between participants. Security of transactions is provided by blockchain technology. To conduct a transaction, the client needs to go through 5 stages of control. The transaction process will be simple — just four steps. For active users, a remuneration system is provided. All this will attract people to use the Konios site.
Now is PreSale. ICO will start on July 1, 2018. The cost of 1 KON token is set at 0.01 USD. For public sale, 75% of all KON markers are exhibited. There are bonus tokens in different periods of sale. Buyers of the first markers (up to the total number of tokens sold — 2 000 000 000 KON) will receive a bonus of 35%. The subsequent bonuses will be 20 and 10%. The bulk of the amount collected will go to the development of the platform (54%) and marketing (25%).

At the end of 2018, users will be presented with a platform release. The main work on the platform is planned for 2019.
The services of the Konios site allow the following operations: transfer of funds to the cryptocurrency; conversion of one cryptocurrency into another; purchase or sale of goods and services, both for traditional money, and for digital. The trading platform Konios Trading will have a simple and accessible interface. Completion of the beta version of Konios Trading is scheduled for February 2019. The platform will be able to view statistical data related to cryptocurrencies for free.
The Konios platform will remove the obstacles that arise before people who want to join the cryptocommunity. Konios will be useful both for individuals and companies. Join a promising project.
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