MobileBridge Momentum. Private Sale in progress.

The methods of marketing, like many processes in the modern world, are moving to a new level.
The owners of the companies understand that attracting and retaining a new clientele is now of key importance for increasing the income and that it is necessary to enter into equal and mutually beneficial relations with customers. Most of all for this purpose, the method of rewarding and rewarding is suitable. And all this will be possible using the MobileBridge Momentum site
What can company using MobileBridge Momentum system? First, create and launch a scheme of remuneration to further stimulate and encourage customers tokens. Secondly, use the provided data and consumer information in the business. Based on the technology blockchain marketing, the driving force of which will be customers, will give a positive result for companies.
What benefits will be available to consumers on the MobileBridge Momentum site? These are token rewards, rebates and other incentives. Cryptocurrency can be obtained for purchases, providing information about yourself, publishing reviews about purchased goods and services used, informing friends about promotions. Customers will be able to collect a reward in a real store.
The marketing approach offered by the MobileBridge Momentum system will make active consumers satisfied and happy, and the business is profitable and efficient.
The marketing strategy in this case is focused on the user experience. Uniqueness of the platform is that it ensures the interaction of the stakeholders one on one at the right time. Communication is carried out only with the appropriate clients, corresponding to the purpose and tasks. The platform stimulates users to take action, to create user experiences. The fulfillment of these actions is rewarded with tokens, shares, other incentives.

MobileBridge platform already shows significant growth.
Mutual settlements on the platform will be carried out using the token Momentum Token. The directions for using this token are very diverse. First and foremost, it is a marker with which help users will be promoted for their purchases, attention and agitation of a certain brand. For businesses, this token is required to pay for platform services. The Momentum Token Cryptocurrency can be transferred to another digital currency of the ERC-20 standard. The price of the token is set at €0.10. Now private sale. More detailed information you can find on the website

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