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New blockchain platform Modern Finance Chain.

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With the advent of cryptocurrencies and the development of the digital economy, a need has arisen for the formation of various sites, allowing transactions and trading operations using digital money. Many developers set a goal to create a product for the global use of cryptocurrency. Digital money should not only be a means for investment or trade. All should have the opportunity to try to assess the reliability, convenience and safety of using cryptocurrency in everyday life. One of the teams dealing with these issues is the team of Modern Finance Chain (MF Chain) Developers of the site conduct activities in different directions. The first direction is the market of trade payment systems. As the statistics show, e-commerce every year increases its turnover. Developments in this channel are very promising. MF Chain forms a cryptocurrency payment system that has attractive sides for both sellers and buyers.

The platform has developed a system for encouraging and stimulating users. Sellers will receive a monthly discount of 1% of the sales volume of the previous period. Discount is calculated in the form of MFX markers. For consumers, in turn, there are a number of ways to save on purchases. First, when paying MFX tokens from customers, the commission will not be withheld. Secondly, when using payment solutions MF Chain, 1% of the amount of purchases will be returned to the purse of the buyer after a period of one month. The discount programs are designed for 5 years, but with the expansion of the network of partners, it is possible to increase the reward package.

The next challenge facing the developers is the creation of an independent public blockbuster MF Mainnet. It is assumed that MF Mainnet will allow other projects to join the MF Chain platform, as well as provide the feasibility of conducting transactions with a wide range of digital currencies. The system will also ensure confidentiality and compliance with legislation. Other advantages for users of the site will be the possibility of exchanging one currency for another using the Atomic Swap system, working on multilingual programming, a library of ready smart contracts and many other advantages. For the convenience of users, a mobile application has been created for the Android and iOS operating systems.

Terms of Pre Sale - until May 25, 2018. The price of markers at this time is stated at the level: 1 ETH = 8,500 MFX tokens. The minimum purchase is equivalent to 0.1 ETH.


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