World Finest Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Solidly Built on Blockchain Technology

Project Overview

Wow, this is superb. We are so glad to welcome you to the most transparent, extensible and unbreakable platform. By now you must be vigilant that the cryptocurrency business has been drawing earnest ecumenical attention recently? So many people have invested in the cryptocurrency market and magnifying gains. It's worthy to note that crypto investments which are online investments predicated on the blockchain technology is authentically very much remuneratively lucrative. People are always probing for investment projects that very much reliable and have a great future. Now recollect how I told you guys that the world is primarily ruled by business, and business on the other hand is ruled by information in this generation, the truth whoever, is that the amount of information you have about a business determines how successful you’ll be in that business. And this is why we are here to bring to our readers- crypto investors updates on world greatest ICOs. I have always monitored crypto-currency news, and today I came across a very captivating project with good crypto-currency future. Let me introduce you to one of cryptocurrency Exchange project- is a crypto-currency exchange with a daily profit distribution between TPX token holders and emolument for trade losses. Several exchanges with a profit distribution are on the market, but there are none that would compensate losses up to 100% in case of unsuccessful investments in the crypto currency.

Trading and investing in crypt currencies, over the past few years have proven that it can be a very remuneratively lucrative enterprise and in the recent years, the volume of trade in the crypto-currency market has incremented an abundance of times, at the same time the total market capitalization of crypto-active assets increases significantly every day. Bitcoin and Etherium represent a paramount part of the overall market, but the cost of other crypto-assets is skyrocketing, along with their number. In the last year, market capitalization of Bitcoin has fallen to 43% and the market has many competitors able to take its place now. The exchange of the crypto-currency between themselves and for fiat currency is mainly carried out on centralized trading exchanges, where the general capitalization of a particular currency is resolute. Exchange utilizes the disruptive power of blockchain technology to significantly cause revolution in the exchange industry. has proven to be one of the most advanced and reliable decentralized platforms for crypto currency trading platform with a high level of security - one of the safest, fastest and most powerful platforms is a complex method that allows to simplify work on exchange, and minimize losses in case of unsuccessful trades. It is not only a platform for crypto-currency exchange, but a full-fledged financial instrument with a huge number of possibilities, thanks to a unique architecture that allows performing a large number of complex algorithms in the shortest possible exchange also creates the necessary conditions for transparency, convenience and simplicity with minimal risks for traders. Fast and affordable crypto-currency deposit/withdrawals increase the likelihood of its introduction into everyday life by reducing the barriers to entering cryptology.

The introduction of blockchain technology allows for electronic transactions to occur in a secure, deterministic, and tamper-proof way. Blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies are the two keys to a more advanced, democratic and independent society. Blockchain technology has become a force that is giving rise to new, decentralized structures that will shape future societies, economies and each of us individually.

Blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies are the two keys to a more advanced, democratic and independent society. Blockchain technology has become a force that is giving rise to new, decentralized structures that will shape future societies, economies and each of us individually. The development of technology and the digital world has evolved the need for emerging crypto currencies and at the same time there is much theft through weak systems in the absence of strong security in protecting the assets of crypto.

The platform aims at reducing risks and all kinds of barriers when entering the crypto currency market. Thereby making cryptocurrency trading very simple and accessible which are its core value- Simplicity and Accessibility.

How Works

Each member of the exchange will be able to include the function of compensation for losses in his/her personal account and when making a transaction, he/she will automatically fall under compensation, paying commission when making a transaction. If, during the trading of the crypto-currency, its total initial balance for the same trading pair decreases, at the end of the day it will be compensated for losses from the compensation fund, which is 25% of the total profit of the exchange for 24 hours. The volume of compensation will be calculated based on the volume of negative transactions in relation to the total volume of negative transactions of other bidders. Also, if a participant owns TPX tokens, then once in 24 hours he will be credited with the remaining part of the profit (75%) as a percentage of the total tokens holders on the exchange.

The unutilized compensation fund is postponed to the next 24 hours, which will allow a large part of the losses to be compensated for by a major drop in the exchange rate of a particular currency.

Advantages/Economic Model of Exchange is very much aware that Due to the relative novelty of the markets, crypto-currency is characterized by an increased volatility, as such, is creating a new generation exchange by making a deep analysis of the competitive environment, coupled with a systematic approach to reducing the uncertainty of trade in crypto currency.’s exchange model allows you to hedge volatility risks for traders through loss-compensation transactions.

The advantageous features include;

· The economic model underlying is aimed at reducing volatility risks.

· Website security solutions are aimed at reducing operational risks.

· Marketing campaign and successfully functioning website by its very existence will be attracting traders and investors. Therefore reducing the risk of liquidity.

Token/ICO Details

Topex Token will be available for sale on 19 September 2018. During the Public Crowdsale, 5000 TPX tokens will be credited for 1 ETH. Each stage of the sale implies additional bonuses. During the ICO we will sell 70% of the total amount of tokens.

The exchange of tokens will take place in several stages.

· The first stage of Private-sale will be available for Angel investors who will receive 40% of the bonus.

· The second stage will be held for all comers within a month. The first week of the second stage will reward all investors with 30% of the bonus. The second week will reward all investors with 20% of the bonus. The third week will reward with 10% of the bonus. During the last week bonuses will be absent.

All tokens will be blocked until the end of the ICO.

The exchange of tokens may end earlier if the maximum amount of dues is reached. The maximum set amount of dues is 20000 ETH or 10,000,000 $ (equivalent to 1ETH = $500).


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