KYC: The Right Online Platform To Verify Your Internet Users

Now we are living in a world where fraud is everywhere. It might be a transaction, investment, and buying or selling online, there will be a risk of fraud. If you want to verify your users and to minimize the possibility of fraud, you should think of a service that can help you to verify your users in the best possible manner. If you are looking for such a service, you should consider visiting KYC online. You can trust this platform as it is based on the blockchain technology to verify the personal data of the internet users.What is KYC legal?As mentioned earlier, it is designed to verify the internet users. It can offer you a number of the solutions for validating the personal data of any internet users that will include user verification, validation of the document, and digital signature.It enables the users to certify the documents with their signature. The digital signature will be used to prove the integrity of the transmitted electronic document. In the case of any alteration, the signature will be invalid. Therefore, there will not be any chance of fraud.In addition to the above, the IDs of the KYC legal users will be used as the digital signature. It will offer you the access to different rights and services including college diplomas, certificates, and medical prescriptions.What are the innovations of the KYC legal?As it is based on the blockchain technology, you can rely on this company. It will protect your interests while protecting your business from any fraud. Besides, it has some innovative features for both the services and users. Some of the key features are the followings.For the users

  • All the personal information of the users will be protected by biometric data and encryption.
  • The document verification will be done with the digital signature.
  • The users will have the freedom to choose any information offered to the service.
  • The data will be hosted on the user’s device.

For the services

  • The services will receive the accurate information on the users.
  • They will know their customers.
  • There will not be any fake user profile.
  • There will be an Ecosystem for service and customer interaction.

KYC ICO tokensThe ICO tokens will be available for sale anytime soon. These tokens are estimated to range up to forty-two million. These tokens will be available for sale from February 2018. These tokens will be split into eighty percent ICO offering. Fifteen percent will be used by the KYC team and another five percent will be used as the operating cost.How does it work?It consists of iOS and Android software. The users can submit the information via this platform and then the information will be verified by an agent. Any service including banks, funds, ICO, Crypto exchanges, and any other party can request for the user’s verification. The verification process will only take thirty minutes. The mobile apps are already launched on November 1. If you are interested, you can simply download the app. You can visit their website to know more about this platform, benefits, and features. 






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