Comfortable decentralized Video Advertising Platform

Introduction information and problems:

Today, many advertisers and ad exchanges are complaining about deep shortage in inventory on the web for video advertisements. Inventory means the digital real estate where publishers can place an advertiser’s video ad on screen for users to see.

Advertisers are not getting that much revenue for what they deserve. People get annoyed through ads.
There is many fraudulency occurred in a video ad global service.

Real modern advertisement is:

  • Annoying
  • Click-baiting
  • Ads are abusive
  • Ads are irrelevant to our needs

The Vidy mission is empower people find the best things in the video quickly, without having to engage in an online world, affected by profit to handle life our internet as warehouse data can be traded. Everyone knows that the internet is run on ad revenue and that premium revenue comes from advertising related to the user.

Here are several solutions that are offered by the platform.

  1. Implementing the UI standard
  2. Slow loading page
  3. Irrelevant Ads
  4. Banner ads stigma

Vidy Ecosystem

  • Dashboard publishers / advertisers: Publishers and advertisers get the control panel so that they can manage their campaigns and upload their video ads. They can adjust direct campaigns, view statistics on each campaign and performance of video ads individually and see the analysis of users and publishers to evaluate the performance of the ads and repeats stars copy and creative accordingly.
  • Video ads: The ultra small video related to circular pop up while holding on Vidylinks.
  • Application layer: the application layer is a distributor of video advertising directed to consumers on the web, be packaged in the SDK can be installed with just one click by any website publisher nao.Cac be established mucVidy only indexing hundreds of millions of web pages and parse natural language on the screen to match the protocol NLP. This becomes the total inventory available for the ad placement on the direct advertising campaign.
  • NLP protocols: Mechanism ad placement Vidy protocol open source proprietary NLP automatically place video ads on a large scale in super relevant text of millions of pages publisher.
  • Class consensus: consensus receiving layer user data with ad performance information from the data layer and treating it as an input in the script that run position. This is done with the decoding of smart contract was awarded to the target application user data.
  • Data Layer: The data layer is the foundation of ad delivery platform Vidy, and communicate with the application layer of consensus and transparency to maintain all the data coming in Vidy invariant ledger. Data layer maintains a record of all the embedded location, time keeping, billing VidyCoin, fake VidyCoin balance and all transactions through methods VidyCoin buy a touch of class applications.

Token Name : VIDY
Platform : Ethereum
Standard : ERC20
Payment : ETH
Minimum investment : 0,1 ETH
Price PreICO : 1 VIDY = 0,00001673 ETH
Price ICO: 1 VIDY = 0,00002229 ETH
SoftCap: 15,000 ETH
HardCap: 60,000 ETH

Project's team:


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