New opportunities with Crest Token

Crest Token – online marketing & digital advertising platform that generates daily returns.

Crest DigiAd Platform is a "community-centric" online marketing & digital advertising platform designed to let you earn daily passive income in cryptocurrency by allocating Crest utility tokens to run several marketing and advertising campaigns.

New idea: Crest Token platform is the first decentralized server where the work of artificial intelligence in the field of Internet marketing is implemented and cryptocurrency is introduced. Crest Token budget is 300 billion dollars. The project’s work is aimed at helping users to create advertising and marketing campaigns, allowing them to make more profit. The platform is equipped with automated modern learning algorithms and works through independent advertising servers, which allows earning revenue every day in platform tokens.

How join to it:
As a new user, you need to register to have a crest account and you’ll be provided with your personal ICO dashboard. Once logged in, follow the instructions on your ICO dashboard. All you have to do is deposit ETH or BTC to the address provided on your dashboard. Then you will be given your CSTT tokens which is compatible to your ERC20 wallet.


Streams of Income for user:
• Referral program
• DigiAd Campaign (1.75%-2.25% daily tokens)
• Internal Exchange/Trading
• Staking Income (monthly dividends)
• Bounty Program

Benefits Platform Marketing & Advertising Crest Platform DigiAd:
- The platform will be fully developed by ICO closure
- Community members will get daily updates via email and social media platforms
- This platform has a generous grace program
- There will be transparency in the allocation of ICO funds
- This platform has a lower and higher purchase range for ICO
- Repurchase weekly tokens and token burns to make sure tokens value their value.

Token sales & distribution & gereral info:


• Minimum Viable Product Release (MVP)
• 24hrs communication
• No funds hold
• Generous bounty
• Volatility-proof business model
• ICO allocation
• Buyback & token burn.

Pre-ICO Start Date : 24th May (1pm GMT)
Pre-ICO End Date : 18th June (1pm GMT)

Tokens Sold : 1,000,000 CCST

Main ICO Start Date : 18th June (1pm GMT)
Main ICO End Date : 18th July (1pm GMT)

Tokens Sold : 6,400,000 CCST
Token Price : $0.25/CSTT - $1.85
Token Supply : 12,500,000 CCST

Min/Max Personal Cap: 20 / 1500 CSTT (depending on round)
Accepts : ETH and BTC.

Soft Cap: 2,000,000 USD

Hard Cap: 7,249,000 USD

Tokens to be Sold: 7.4 Million CSTT CCST.

Crest token as compared to other existing and upcoming ICOs, stands out in a unique way.
Some of the features or rather advantages it has over other ICOs include:
• Crest token has a business model which is independent of cryptocurrency volatility
• Crest token will have a fully developed platform at the close of ICO.
• Crest token communicates daily via email and active social media platforms
• No hold on to your Bitcoin or Ethereum during or after the ICO
• Lower and higher purchase cap range during ICO
• Crest token has a generous bounty program
• Crest token will have a weekly token buybacks and token burn
• Crest token gives a clear openness on ICO funds allocation.


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