Platform providing Crowdfunding Facility for of investors and start-ups

About Cybit:

The mission of the project is to leverage the latest technologies to provide a comprehensive secure smart-contract capability for seamless execution of projects. Investors will enjoy full transparency and liquidity, as well as a clear exit strategy. The company is ready for market expansion and scaling- that’s why the CyBit team is comprised of high-level technology experts and business professionals with solid expertise in all areas of strategic IT business alignment. The platform offers security solutions for a global digital infrastructure that will empower companies to distinguish themselves as leaders within their respective industries.

The main objective:

Cybit is developing a system of clear crowd-funding victimization the blockchain technology. Crypto-currency based mostly on investment is dispensed on the platform for the startups and firms. Several services on the platform are unambiguously designed to handle massive client request and provide glorious user expertise. They conjointly give practice services to the startups who want to boost funds through ICO.


CyBit is developing an open source ecosystem that will allow consumption and creation of financial services and products to facilitate the crowdfunding mechanism on a global scale.

The ecosystem is built on top of the Ethereum platform with smart contracts and will:

-assist start-ups in getting investments;

- help Investors evaluate submitted business proposals.

The goal is to offer a platform for potential investors to fund projects through"CBT" as the underlying utility token. This initiative enables start-ups and investors to collaborate in a global marketplace that is built to provide a credible Blockchain-based token, which in turn facilitates the payment system through forex transactions and crowdfunding sources. In creating the ecosystem, was selected a development strategy with a strong view toward the various limitations of existing solutions.

The solution (CyBit) will empower ICO developers to visit the platform, submit their funding requirements, and use CyBit channels for evaluation by potential investors. Upon successful evaluation, the investors will invest in their projects using CyBit Tokens.

Total of 8.5 Billion CBT Tokens will be created for the project within which 6.5 billion tokens are sold-out within the ICO. 52% of the funds are spent on the stigmatization and promoting of the platform whereas 14 % of the funds are spent on the IT infrastructure.

About ICO:

CyBit CBT is a proprietary coin of CyBit company, created to provide reliable peer-to-peer transactions.
The number of tokens for Pre-ICO and ICO is 8.5 billion.
The total offer of tokens for Pre-ICO is 2 billion.
The number of tokens on the main ICO is 6.5 billion.
The price during Pre-ICO 1 CBT= 0,7 centsICO, stage 1: 2 billion tokens 1 CBT= 10 cents.
ICO, stage 2: 1.5 billion tokens 1 CBT= 15 cents.
ICO, stage 3: 1.5 billion tokens 1 CBT= 18 cents.
ICO, stage 4: 1.5 billion tokens 1 CBT= 20 cents.
Currencies accepted ETH, BTC and LTC.


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