​Start earning money on your photos right now!

Have you ever thought how successful people make money? They feel the flow, they feel the trends, they change directions. They don’t wait for money to come, they actively make it on trends. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vine, all of them had their heroes, amazing creators. Every platform had its own stars. As every creator is unique and has a specialization, for example Alice is a great photographer and Bob has a talent of comedian and makes funny videos, they choose different platforms.

SELFLLERY is made for those who genuinely love taking photos, like Instagram, but with one little perk: you get money if people like your photos. And it seems like a good opportunity to get an income from your social media profile. Just think about it: early adopters get the most, and this network is yet in its phase of initial growing.

Instagram has 900 million users, but they don’t get anything. Times when you could get something from Instagram have passed, it’s getting old. Now it’s time for SELFLLERY. Here is another case, and it could grow very fast, so don’t miss out. Sure you have dreamed about a life of successful blogger, when you just have fun and upload everything you do daily, earning money in the process.

Here is some tips for you about earning money on SELFLLERY:

Register your account at WWW.SELFLLERY.COM or via Android app (iOS app is about to release)

Upload all best photos you have so far

Don’t forget to use hashtags

SELFLLERY has a referral program, invite your friends with your referral link and get money for every registered user.

If you have a gang of followers, invite them too!

Post the most interesting stuff. Create an unique feel, let everyone see what an interesting person you are. Maybe you travel a lot and have a bunch of photos from various countries. Or maybe you have a flawless sense of style and color, and your account will be a manifestation of all these qualities. Anyway, keeping a certain color scheme is always a good idea for any account. You must be memorable for anyone who comes by and might want to follow you. New followers will bring you a lot of likes, and likes will make you a bit wealthier on SELFLLERY.

Consistency is the key

How does that work? SELFLLERY has a token-based ecosystem. You get tokens, named YOU, each day for a certain amount of likes, the rate is set dynamically and grows with the growth of users base. Now the rate is set to 1 YOU for 1000 likes, and 1000 YOU are worth 1 ETH.

YOU tokens are being generated now during main token sale at tge.selfllery.com. As all YOU tokens are generated and sold SELFLLERY will enter an exchange. On the exchange 1 YOU token will cost in Bitcoins or Ethereum or real money at current exchange rates.

How could I earn more?

Just remember: any social media can become your source of income, as any other activity. But our social platform is designed in a way that could help you monetize your content with ease. If that’s not enough for you, you can go even further. Build a community with a goal of becoming an opinion leader, to attract advertisers that would be interested to make a collaboration with you. Be supportive, be attentive, your followers should trust you or this wouldn’t work. The best bloggers are famous not because they are extremely talented, of course they are, but it’s not the most important thing. They are famous because the way they deal with their community is unique. Their community trusts them and adores them, so they are the true opinion leaders, and have that kind of influence all advertisers need. In return they never use this trust with bad intentions, being responsible, and their community knows it. So be that kind of blogger, and advertisers will line up to work with you.

On SELFLLERY you can earn money by simply doing the same thing you do on other social network (except that you don’t get money there).

If you work with advertisers, you get various rewards for dealing with them, but anyway, if you have drawn their attention, this should be a good sum.

So, how much you earn depends on you. The more followers you get, the more money you earn, so it would be a good idea to start right now. Have you registered yet?

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