Blockshipping GSCP - a global platform for tracking cargo containers


About 70% of the earth's surface is covered with water. It is easy to guess that this is due to the popularity of sea freight. In terms of price/speed they have no equal. 60% of water transport is carried by 27 million metal containers. Their owners are racking their brains over how to track them every day. It is not easy to build a business in such conditions. Key players in the container transportation market have long been talking about the need for its reform. With the introduction of blockchain, this became possible.

Today we will talk about the project, which plans to revolutionize the market of transportation by water.

What is a platform?

The main tasks that Blockshipping will solve:

  • Create a register of containers, information about which will be recorded in the blockchain;
  • Real-time tracking of containers will simplify logistics and improve transportation efficiency;
  • Conducting instant secure transactions between all market participants will increase the level of trust between them;
  • Reduction of harmful emissions to the environment by improving the efficiency of the system will meet environmental standards;
  • Reducing industry costs by $ 5.7 billion per year will be beneficial to all.

Participants will need to install special chips on the containers to track their location and monitor their status.

Details of the ICO and the distribution of coins


The planned release of internal and external CPT token CCC. Blockshipping will use the Ethereum blockchain. The project has already attracted interest from the Danish Maritime Fund and other leading market participants. Moreover, private investors have already partially financed the development. To speed up the market entry, an ICO is held from may 14 to June 14. It is planned to issue 50 million external tokens worth about $25 million (hardcap). The coin price is $ 0.62, the minimum entry point is $100. You can pay for tokens by using ether, bitcoin or Fiat. 70% of the coins are planned to be sold, 10% is reserved for pre-sale, another 10% will go to the advisers and the media, 5% will be bonuses from pre-sales, and the remaining 5% will be taken by the founders.

The collected funds will be distributed as follows:

  • 45% - marketing;
  • 25% - development project support;
  • 20% - SOFTWARE development;
  • 10% - issue of internal tokens.

Project team

The team consists of competent professionals who have extensive experience in the field of container transportation. As well as specialists in the field of blockchain, smart contracts, KYC, PR, communication and others.



Blockshipping is the future of sea freight. Blockchain is ideal for eliminating the current shortcomings of the industry. The high level of investor confidence shows that the project will remain afloat and will be successfully released in the first quarter of 2019, as stated in the project roadmap.


All additional information about the Blockshipping GSCP project can be obtained from official sources:



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