WeMark will challenge traditional photo frames


Major photo banks, such as Getty and Shutterstock, have emerged as an alternative to traditional photo agencies, which hired photographers and set their own terms of contracts. Photographers and designers had to contact the Agency, because only the Agency had access to a large client base.

But photobanks, the first of which was Getty, turned the art industry and offered photographers favorable conditions, providing access to a wide user base without the need for employment, which allowed them to manage their time. For content authors, it was a breath of fresh air.

But as soon as the banks have captured a large part of the market, the situation repeated itself, and the photographers noticed a significant reduction in their income. In addition, the copyrights of the photo banks were kept, which allows them to transfer the content to a third party and set the price without taking into account the opinion of the authors.

The WeMark platform aims to transform the art industry and provide independent photographers with the most favorable conditions for work.


Wemark is a decentralized image Bank on the blockchain

The platform allows content authors to interact with clients directly. A smart contract, acting as a guarantor between the parties and allowing to conduct safe and open transactions without cheating, came to replace the centralized photo-stocks. In addition, the smart contract monitors licenses and allows authors to track who and to whom transfers the content, eliminating the possibility of fraud on the part of the platform.

Advantages Of WeMark:

  • Photographers receive up to 85% of the content cost, and the platform's fees are only 15%. At the same time, centralized banks embezzle up to 85% of the profits of content creators. The platform cannot change the terms of the contract without the prior consent of the photographers.
  • All rights are reserved to the photographers. WeMark may not dispose of or sell content on the side without the author's knowledge. The platform reserves the right to distribute only the content, which will only benefit photographers.
  • Bonus loyalty program that allows users to receive a reward for the promotion of works liked the photographer directly in the form of tokens WeMark.


The economy of the token and the details of the ICO

Tokens WeMark established on the basis of blockchain Ethereum, and is used to pay for platform services, and the remuneration of authors and users in the framework of the loyalty program. In the future, new features will be added, such as Studio equipment rental and hiring photo models.

ICO started on may 7 and will last until June 21. To successfully launch the platform, the team needs to raise only $8 million.

Tokens will be distributed as follows:



WeMark will be able to compete seriously with decentralized photo banks that have captured the market and actually cover the oxygen to talented photographers. Thanks to the innovative business model of the project, photographers will be able to earn more while offering more favorable prices.

The project has a beta version of the platform, which anyone can test now, and photographers can already upload their first photos to the platform.

All additional information about the Wemark project can be found in the official sources:

WEBSITE: https://www.wemark.com
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/wemark
WHITEPAPER: https://www.wemark.com/whitepaper.pdf
ANN THREAD: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3347524.0
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/_wemark
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/WemarkOfficial
REDDIT: https://www.reddit.com/r/Wemark/
LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/company/wemark/
MEDIUM: https://medium.com/wemark-stories

MY BITCOINTALK: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1238493

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