Synthestech: LENR Transmutation of platinum group metals

It has been found that high quality strains and stable components such as Pd, iridium, rhodium, platinum, and others.

Valuable components and a zone of isotope units are characteristic of many fashion industries (microelectronics, transport, energy storage) and even have special properties in the treatment of various disease styles.

However, due to the limited amount of energy received, in this way a person builds the way of components and isotopes of sterilization by means of low-energy nuclear reactions, it may be the transformation of related chemical components into another species in their natural atmosphere, while not using a large amount of energy to make them divide.

As a result of these high demands for quality and stable elements, a group of researchers has developed a platform called Synthestech, with the goal of making costly components and isotopes cheap by lower-grade components using LENRs and developing certain technologies, economic, commercial advantageous for cold transmutation of chemical components.

What is Synthestech?
The new era has revolutionized technology in the field of the dynamic world. What has long looked like it would not be possible today is a fact. Time for change in natural philosophy has a return. It’s time to save a lot of the world. So, let’s determine which Synthestech project.

Cold transmutation (LENR) of chemical elements is a breakthrough, an innovative technology for the processing of one substance into another. cheap components in precious. This is the prospect of obtaining metal clusters of precious metals and various valuable components, along with gold, from artificial materials with a low cost of raw materials. This is an objective price, which includes a high price in time and can be appreciated forever.

The phenomenon of cold transmutation has been revealed in recent decades. Our cluster is developing this technology; we conducted a lot of experiments and achieved fantastic results. Among these results is the production of metal clusters of precious metals.

The purpose of the more detailed analysis of “Synthestech” is the regulation of technology and the development of precise technologies for the cold transmutation of chemical elements; technical techniques that can be commercially profitable and commercially lifted.

The work is based on previously obtained knowledge as a result of our own analysis and the results of research by various scientists involved in LENR reactions.

It is planned to carry out three main areas of work:
-converting inexpensive elemental components into valuable components to obtain components such as a metal element, osmium, iridium, platinum, ruthenium, rhodium, Pd and possibly gold;

-converting inexpensive initial components to obtain nonstandard atomic mixtures and individual isotopes of stable elements;

-Transmute the various components of the start to obtain biologically active components for medical functions with properties, recorded in the sources of ancient Chinese and ancient Indian preparations, in addition to the works of medieval European scientific and doctor-physician.

Researchers are faced with the following tasks:
-Analize the processes occurring in the reactions that were previously detected by the Synthestech group;

  • Using the knowledge gained, choose the most advanced technologically and commercially promising ways of converting some components into others in order to conduct in-depth analysis of the particular cold transmutation of chemical elements;

-develop optimal conditions for a specific reaction of LENR-transmutation;

  • Creation and testing of completely different modifications of reactors for cold transmutation of chemical elements; development of instrumental structures, materials, tools, etc.; to choose the optimal ratio of elements of a mixture of reagents;

Produce a pilot batch of artificially obtained components.

ICO Price
Token name: symbol Synthestech (Ticker STT)

The price of one STT = 1 USD

Token Sale
The sale of STT tokens is distributed to personal pre-sale, in front of ICO and ICO.

-Any buy tokens at the stage of pre-sale sales attracts twenty-fifth bonus package.

Individual salespersons at any stage receive a bonus for the demanded fifty bonus packages of investment amount.

The first ICO and personal sales began in December 2017 and may end in January 2018.

ICO sales can begin in February 2018 and will be completed in February 2018.

As a wise capitalist will not allow this opportunity to be missed. Hurry now and get your tokens.

-The implementation of this project work can start from the Gregorian calendar month and complete in the Gregorian calendar month of 2018.

  • The absorption of technologies related to cold movements for commercial use may commence the Gregorian calendar month of 2018 and complete the Gregorian calendar month of 2019.

Receiving dividends from investments will take place in January 2020.

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