New sites with Sharpay buttons | 26.09.2018

Dear Community!

Sharpay is a high-tech, no analogues, but a simple share button with blockchain rewards. Users can earn our Sharpay S tokens by sharing site’s content using our Sharpay button. It’s not just an innovative SMM tool but also a win-win for both websites and users.

Let’s see some of the new websites that have been using our Sharpay button:

  1. Helsinki Guide: Helsinki, the capital of Finland, is a fun city to visit. If you’re visiting Helsinki, you can get more information on (English)

  2. Faucet Coin: What is cryptocurrency? PoW? Visit Faucet Coin and find out the answers, it gives you all the basic information about cryptocurrency and how it works. (Russian)

  3. My Crypto Hustle: Come here and get most up to date news about cryptocurrency development, ICO projects and top coins’ prices (English)

Share them with your friends using our Sharpay button and earn our S tokens today!

In Sharing We Trust! Team

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