Our 1st OEX + Sharpay bounty campaign has successfully ended today!


Dear Sharpay Community Members!

Our 1st OEX + Sharpay bounty campaign has successfully ended today!

Our 1st OEX + Sharpay bounty campaign that organized to celebrate Sharpay (S) token listing and trading on OEX exchange has successfully ended!

There are more than one hundred users participated in this bounty campaign, but due to the limited tokens and first come first serve basis, OEX has reviewed and selected 97 qualified winners for this campaign. More than 5 million of Sharpay S tokens and more than 5 thousand of OEX tokens will be rewarded to those winners.

The rewards will be processed and distributed to all the winners by OEX approximately 10 to 14 working days. If you have any problems regarding the rewards, please contact OEX admin @oexcom via Twitter.

Thank you for participating this bounty campaign, we will announce the next joint bounty campaigns with OEX soon! Stay tuned!

In Sharing We Trust!
Sharpay.io Team

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