Our Sharpay First Listings Airdrop program continues!


Dear Sharpay S Token Holders! Reminder!
Our Sharpay First Listings Airdrop program continues!

Before November 30, each of you can get an additional 5% tokens for free if you follow our simple rules!

To participate in our Sharpay First Listings Airdrop, you need to go to https://sharpay.io/airdrop/ and enter your public ETH wallet address in which you store your S tokens. Then, you need to buy S tokens on exchanges and increase your initial S token balance by 5% or more.

On December 1, 2018, we will automatically check your S token balance in your public ETH wallet address. If you pass our rules, we will give you an additional +5% S tokens for free!

❗ Attention! You can only join our Sharpay First Listings Airdrop on our official website https://sharpay.io/airdrop/, nowhere else! We never asked and will never ask for your passwords or private keys!

Please read our rules about Sharpay First Listings Airdrop program on https://sharpay.io/airdrop/

In Sharing We Trust!
Sharpay.io Team

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