Promoting your businesses on social networks using Sharpay!

Dear friends!

Social network is a platform for all active businesses, including your business. And Sharpay is the new unique social media marketing tool that helps you to promote your business via sharing and promoting your website’s content, services and product on social networks. The more the shares, the higher the reaching rate.

This week we have selected some interesting websites that have been using our Sharpay button!

  1. GreenzCove Apartments: If you are looking for a vacation home for your travel in Grenada, try GreenzCove Apartments. Rent an apartment there, get some travel advice and enjoy jogging and hiking with the hosts. (English)

  2. Camden Pub Crawl: Are you travelling to London? Do you know the best bars, clubs and live music venues in Camden? Get your free shots, free entry, discounts on drinks on (English)

  3. Premium Bitcoin: Get up-to-date crypto, blockchain and bitcoin related news. (English)

Share with your friends! Earn your Shapay S tokens for promoting them on your social networks!

In Sharing We Trust! Team

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