Reminder: How to withdraw your Sharpay S tokens


Dear Sharpay Tokens Holders!

We would like to remind all of our tokens holders that you can withdraw your Sharpay S tokens on

In order to withdraw your tokens successfully, you need to 1) Pass KYC, 2) Enter your personal Ethereum Wallet address and 3) Withdraw and confirm it via email.

(1) How to Pass KYC:

The KYC aims to protect Sharpay Inc. from money laundering and financing of terrorism risks. To pass the KYC, please go to your personal account on (ONLY on this site!).

🔸 If you have 150,000 or more Sharpay Tokens (Full KYC):

Please read and follow our guide here:

🔸 If you have less than 150,000 Sharpay Tokens (Simple KYC):

We have updated our system and you will see a SIMPLE KYC button next your account balance ( Please click “Start” to begin and you will need to fill in all the required fields: “Full name”, “Phone”, “Age” and “Country”.

You need to enter your Full Legal Name (with spaces between your last name, middle name (if any) and Last name, but not your Email Address.

🔹 Simple KYC Result: Please complete the Simple KYC and check your account after 24 hours. If you can see a “Wallet” section next to your account balance, it means you have passed the Simple KYC.

For more about our KYC policies, please read here:

(2) Enter your personal Ethereum Wallet Address:

If you have passed the KYC, you will be able to see a “Wallet” section next to your Sharpay token balance. Please click “Enter ETH wallet address”, and you will see a pop-up window, enter ONLY your personal Ethereum Wallet Address. Please make sure your Ethereum Wallet supports adding “ERC20 custom tokens”.

❗ We DO NOT accept any ETH addresses from exchanges and other addresses. If you enter not a personal ETH wallet address, for example, an address from the exchange, then you will lose all your S (Sharpay) tokens! There is NO recovery of funds if you make any mistakes while withdrawing your S (Sharpay) tokens. We WILL NOT be able to recover them if you send them to a wallet you do not control!

(3) Withdraw and confirm it via email:

If you have entered your personal Ethereum Wallet address, please click "Withdraw Tokens" under your Sharpay token balance, it will ask you to confirm the Ethereum Wallet Address again and send you a withdrawal confirmation link to your email.

❗ When you click the withdrawal confirmation link, please make sure you're using the same browser and have already logged in to your account. If you cannot click the withdrawal confirmation link, please copy the whole link and paste it into your browser address bar.

If your withdrawal request is confirmed and accepted, you will receive a green message stating the withdrawal request is received. Please refresh your account and the “Withdraw tokens” button will be gone.

After that, please go to your personal Ethereum wallet and add S (Sharpay) tokens (Add Custom Ethereum ERC20 Tokens) to your wallet. You will need to enter the following values:

  • Token Name (optional): Sharpay
  • Token Contract Address: 0x96B0bF939D9460095C15251F71Fda11e41DcBddB
  • Token Symbol: S
  • Decimals: 18

If you have any questions regarding your KYC or the token withdrawal, please do not hesitate to contact us!

In Sharing We Trust! Team

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