Blockchain - a road to safer and efficient shipping

Blockchain - a road to safer and efficient shipping...

SHIP COIN (SHPC) - a new crypto token has been minted today. This time by SHIPNEXT. In general 2 types of crypto-tokens will be used by SHIPNEXT. One of which is SHIP COIN - a security token which can be bought and used, among other, to participate in the company profit. The other one is SHIP TOKEN (SHPT) - a token for internal payments once SHIPNEXT executes the first Smart Contract, the first Electronic bill of lading and the first ever crypto-transaction in shipping later in May of this year.

SHIPNEXT is a by-product on the way of the SHIPNEXT team’s plan to create a decentralized blockchain-based supply chain ecosystem.

“To do that properly, we are building a unique algorithm, which is used transform the sea-transport sector, to set a common and transparent set of rules in the old, conservative and in transparent sector knows as the Shipping market. With further integration into the whole supply chain. This will lay ground for a secure, transparent and lawful ecosystem” - says Alexander Varvarenko, the company’s CEO.

Alexander Varvarenko is a founder of two shipping companies, with offices in Dubai, Hamburg, Paris, Genoa, Limassol and Odessa, who used the company’s network and skills to create and launch SHIPNEXT - a unique Digital Automated Blockchain-based Shipping Marketplace.

SHIPNEXT uses linear programming, big-data analysis, machine learning, artificial intelligence and natural language processing for instant real-time Cargo-to-Ship matching. Primarily for dry-bulk, general cargo and oversized goods.

As any marketplace, it is meant for online trading. From numerous client who already joined this platform, many are interested in moving onto smart-contracts, which the company plans to introduce in May. With this they would be able to benefit from secure, reliable and paperless way of executing their shipping and transport related contracts.

To create a decentralized supply chain ecosystem, SHIPNEXT plans to create an open source code in 2020, to be used as a reliable algorithm to integrate in a door-to-door logistics. Such supply chain based on internet of things (IoT) is much needed by large international industrial and transportation group to increase efficiency, optimize resources and improve reliability of the transport infrastructure.

For more information go to:
SHIPNEXT Supply Chain -
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