Cryptoback For Everyday Purchases: WULET

WULET is an open-source blockchain platform, and WU tokens will be traded on exchanges. Any party can launch their own loyalty programme by freely using the platform's programming modules.

  • WULET will combine all loyalty programs and bonus points in one application. It’s very simple — specify a phone number when registering and all points in all loyalty programs will be automatically displayed in your personal account. Internal exchange with individual rate of each program will give you a chance to choose how exactly you want to spend accrued points. Bonus air miles may transform into extra litres of fuel at a gas station, and bonus points of retailers may easily become a discount in a restaurant.
  • With WULET you can withdraw bonuses in WU-tokens or in fiat or buy some tokens and become a member of any loyalty program. This allows to make loyalty programmes easier, more practical, and more pro table for the average user. At the same time, it also allows businesses to attract new clientele and retain their current clients.

The participants of platform:

How it works?

  1. The client of the decentralized application will simply pay for the purchase using the internal wallet.
  2. Immediately after that, he can expect to receive cashback, the size of which will depend on the value of the goods. And thanks to this simple process, previously complex transactions are made incredibly easy:
  3. Information about payments will be billed on WULET QR code;
  4. You can spend your bonuses on partner markets, save them in the form of cryptocurrency or sell them on
  5. market conditions;
  6. All discounts and promotions are located in one application, WOOLET, and you do not need to go through every step of the search for really great offers;
  7. You make a profit, and a loyal customer appears in the store. Store owners are interested in this cashback, because it can significantly expand the customer base.
  8. All available advantages of WULET apply to any business that wants to introduce cryptocurrency . WULET provides these companies the tools necessary for their implementation as acceptable procurement method.


Token Price: 1 WU = 0.001 ETH
Pre-sale start: 07/05/2018
Main Stage: 3Q2018
Softcap: 8,000 ETH
Hardcap: 49 000 ETH

Key capabilities of WULET:

  • A transparent system of the receipt of cashback in WU tokens: all contractors provide their clients with unified conditions;
  • A quick way to accumulate bonus points: the bonuses from different contractors are accumulated in a unified WULET cryptobalance;
  • Various opportunities to use the WU tokens: the marketplaces that accept WU tokens as a payment instrument, exchange for other cryptocurrencies on different exchanges, conversion to fiat money;
  • A very simple, fast and safe way to get cryptocurrency for everyday activities;
  • A quick launch of loyalty programmes by сontractors: all the necessary infrastructure is now available.

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