Apollonia is an innovative medical system supported by blockchain technology.

Apollonia medical system defined

Apollonia is an innovative system improvised by the chain of technology blocks, which is required to register with electronics, telemedicine, medical tourism, drug trafficking, compensation policies and development of open markets for medical data commerce. Patients, doctors and clinics, welding, compensation companies and pharmacies, online pharmacies, professionals and professionals.

One According to the requirements of HIPAA, GDPR, PIPA, from one side.
second As storage of medical data in a decentralized way that uses the technology Chain block in facilities without categorical categories the storage of medical data.


The main elements of apolonia are pharmaceutical companies, online pharmacies, etc.

Personal personal boards (EMR, CRM, etc.) each category of ecosystem participants. For example, administrative access to the EMR system in the administrative process, the negotiation process was conducted by professional administrators.

Apollonia Healthcare Coin (Apollo) Oll, offers the opportunity to surround accommodation in systems, consult doctors, buy medicines, obtain prizes and more.

                                  HEALTH QUANDARIES

Data management
Medics divided into different systems are applied to medical specialists and patients with integrated EMR / CRM systems. There is the possibility of generating an open market of medical data.

Data security and data authenticity. (Cases of fraud).
Data from the desiccant data can be determined individually by decentralized data storage, storage, agreement, HIPAA, GDPR, PIPA, etc. requirements. These solutions definitely reduce the number of fraud cases.

                                         General public health issues

Excellent data on doctors in one place sanctions doctors and clinics to make more accurate diagnoses and optimal care. This definitely reduces the amount of medical errors by incomplete information about the patient's medical history.

Comfort of medical adaptations.
The agreement of the transaction is controlled by perspectives that can not be edited.
Extravagant and time-consuming medical treatments that require a lot of time are solved by developing silver forms for medical tourism and easy-to-use consultations and chatbots.

The objective of this project is to develop Apolonia's medical ecosystem and, as a consequence, to modify the quality of medical facilities.

This will be achieved by:

• Convenient management of medical data from a secure location.
• Bastion of personal data
• determine a safe interaction among all industry participants that will increase the caliber of comfort and the return of the load.

The objective of the project is the conditions to improve and simplify medical adaptations by:

• generate a unique platform to optimize internal processes in various fields of
medical activities and comfortable communication with patients
• generals digital space that ecumenically develops medical tourism
• Includes medication requests.
• Provide opportunities for indemnity companies, suppliers of medicines and medical products, research centers, pharmaceutical companies and lawyers interacting in the liberating way with clicks, doctors and patients in the market of medical care.


• Positive Influenza in the increase of the average health level of all statistics.
• Conditions Provide Adapted to the Health Care Needs of the clients / Product Suppliers and Health Adaptations.
• Concepts automate and simplify all patient interaction processes with
doctors, clinics and other medical housing providers that are tested for all
potential users of the system.

                                        OBJECTIVE HEARING

Apollonia health coin - APOLLO
The Internal Currency of the Project is designed to simplify the Products Hosting Payments and Among the Users of the ecosystem, Significantly reduce the Housing Costs and Costs of the ecosystem, and provide Opportunities for the Participants to Win Thanks to the Implementation of Paper shares on the platform.

                                                Marketing strategy

The main objective of the ice marketing PROMOVER prosperously Between the accommodations maximize markets and the profits, while a variety of implements can acclimate to achieve them. Consequently, a precise definition of the marketing objectives of a company will allow Prosperity to reach a faster and with lower financial costs.
The following marketing objectives are distinguished:

The objective of the market is to achieve a primary market share. Achieving and achieving the Objective, competitors NEED TO Learn More and Develop Prosper Strategies by entering the Market.

The Objective of ice marketing Generate a lucrative corporate image for rent, an organizer and justify the increase in sales volume, develop a system of firmness for visitors and accommodate the use of the site (possibly developing cell applications), monitor the effectiveness and perpetuate a Modify the System of Reward / Motivation of the Participants in the UN System Become a client / conventional partner.

The objectives of management son Modify the internal infrastructure, a saber: Competent Administration, High Qualifications of Employees, The latest Technology, etc.
Goal marketing will focus on:
• The beneficiaries of the main business objective.
• Gain market share
• Achieve the most effective communication and marketing functions with the target audience.

                                             Business model

This system combines several different models in your Internet business strategy:

The Intermediary Model, Transaction Broker, ES Type of model Vendors When the UN System meets (for example, Providers of Drugs) Buyers And (for example, or Medical Patients). The Mexicanism of the Spanish Provide is a retailer that is buyers and sellers. : At the same time, the conventional brokerage fee IS INCLUDED in the payment rate or in the Commission per Transaction Each Performed; Payment rules may vary.

Community model. This model was used as a system that a communities will represent whose amalgamated by are fascinating prevalent members (a process of providing medical adaptations). The world is cybernetically Genuinely For Community Business Models and today it is one of the most developed addresses. The Income Model You can Bazaar on product and accommodation sales, voluntary donations, contextual advertising or paid hosting subscription.

Ad models of how the personalized portals use because it includes the system search engines in which they connect different and content adaptations, what obligations that concern each one adjust the interface and the content of each user. A considerable number of visitors make lucrative advertisements remuneratively and approve the development of the site.

Information model in the form of a metamedia. By providing Complete Information and ADDITIONAL Adaptations, the System will provide Vendors and Among Buyer Transactions.

The date of sale of the official tokens (ICO) is 15.11.2018

                                               DESIGNATIONS OF TOKEN

Token name: Apollonia Healthcare
Token code: APOLLO
Total supply: 2 500 000 000 APOLO
Price of the APOLO token: 1 APOLLO = 0.03 USD
Our Investor Panels the concept of The Principals.

Cryptographic Currency Route Map (BTC, ETH, BCC, EOS, ONT, etc.)



The arrangement of the previous ice is used to present the state of the ice cream that can be used as an ingredient of the product that will be used as an ingredient to update the production process of the equipment in the Apollonia project, the existing deficiencies and the exponent of the technique, since that there is no problem He prepared a link.

For more information about Apollonia Token, see below:

Website: https://apollonia.io/?utm_source=bitcointalk.com&utm_medium=topic
White paper: https://apollonia.io/doc/whitePaper.pdf
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ApolloniaHealthcare/
Telegram: https://t.me/ApolloniaOfficial
Medium: https://medium.com/@apolloniahealthcare
Twitter: https://twitter.com/realapollonia
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/apollonia-official/
Ann Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5045992
Bounty Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5046888.0
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Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1756728

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