Devolve Developer will restructure the real estate industry with the emergence of new business models that use decentralized technologies that create access, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. Empowering people around the world with reliable and transparent technology Devolve Developers will throw away many traditional obstacles and create a fully connected global economy that is truly mutually oriented towards increasing capital flows around the world.

First development

History in real estate, reducing you to a minimum over time, when you characterize your property. As the market grows, so does the value of your home, and, as a result, you build justice. The risk never changes in the market, and there are many factors outside of you that can negatively affect your investment. Real Estate You can manage your investments more, because your property is an asset that you can use to use a large number of streams while enjoying a capital appreciation.

There will always be value in your land and value in your home. Think about the fact that you are little or not worth the money that can sink into zero, or a new car, the cost of which decreases with time. Homeowners insurance will protect your real estate investment to find the best available policy.

You can receive taxes on interest, cash flow from investment property, running costs and expenses, property taxes, insurance and depreciation (even if the value of the property) and other benefits. The end of the year is a very busy time for real estate, because people want to take advantage of many tax breaks until the end of the year!

Real estate investing is not only a safe financial investment, but also an investment that can provide years, happiness and priceless memories that will last a lifetime.

The following is a definition that provides a platform that realizes real estate through a decentralized system that improves efficiency and reduces costs. Devolve developer will become a reliable and reliable platform for investors, since Devolve Developers uses blockchain technology and supports reliable and professional teams in their fields. Therefore, investors do not need to worry about their assets.


Development of a business model. Developers rework the real estate industry through a decentralized system that improves efficiency and reduces costs. Providing investors with a reliable, reliable and transparent platform, eliminating many common barriers, developers who are interconnected with global developers who contribute to increasing capital throughout the world.

The Devolve platform is the first high-quality solid-asset supported system dedicated to large-scale real estate development. Although the market is very large, this market is very much exploited by private investment due to high entry barriers. Using blockchain technology and intelligent contracts, Delegating Reinforced is working on building large scales, collecting various types of projects that cannot improve and improve accessibility to a more light level.

Investors can participate in their digital market (ABT) for projects that differ from their needs. With full autonomy, investors have a way to determine when to enter, how much is needed for a project and measure them in a project.

Delegation Resolution

Availability of capital

Delegation of a digital platform. Developers democratize participation and take on big capital that divides tokens into development projects.

Increased profitability

Blockchain technology provides digital automation for mediation and reduces costs, improves services and makes higher backups for you

Access to global investment opportunities

Distribution technology provides access to our global inventory of development projects.

Flexible life cycle

Enable payment, which reduces time and gives users autonomy to receive additional and highlight positions


Canceled Exchange Developer APIs allow users to redistribute projects and easily sell tokens on the exchange

Efficient ecosystem

Tokenisasi standardizes real estate assets to stimulate exchange and create markets for easy conversion

Selling Tokens

Delegating developers sell markers to investors in order to gain access to the high-yield real estate market. Delegating developers get a possible partnership from industry players with current project portfolios spread across 3 continents and growing.

DVX is an ERC-20 marker
BULLETIN PERIOD: December 15, 2018 - Goals achieved
PRA-SALE PERIOD: Soon - Goals meet
TOKEN PRICE: $ 0.75 for DVX

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