Dtrack is an additional cryptocurrency developed by the ethereum network that allows anyone

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Last week, I met one of my college friends at a hotel after a very long time. Because we both have time, we start chatting about various topics like
family, work, health, finance, etc. Of all the topics that we discussed, the most interesting thing was about the DTRACK project campaign, He explained how it works and what happens in the future. Given below:
Dtrack is equal advanced cash that has been circulated on the ethereum network to punish anyone, despite the categorical limit, fundamental access to computerized computing. Within two or three minutes of submitting a flexible application, and the client can optically recognize the Dtrack, which integrates into your wallet through birth information (proof of action). Each automated type of mazuma is “mined” with the help of expert rigging. Dtrack can be obtained with the help of methods of training in the field of intellectual analysis of the body, i.e. Your application running on the device tracks your methods and heartbeats. We developed the final work of a crypto coin with some unique features. We have studied various huge markets, and we are developing a free application for iOS and Android.
We are probably activating people to rehearse and get a chance to be energetic with money and compensate them for the D-track token.
As sodomatism, our vision is to endow the general accumulation of the advancement of the chain through health, we organize to act on each person to stay in shape, and everything is considered, causing a general departure from the improved mind.
Problem Verbilization
Different people do not have copacietic importance or inspiration to practice in the well-being room. Many of them run various systems, for example, joining an impeccable recenter center, influencing an accomplice to give an opportunity, after making progress, and usually repay themselves. When we understand how to drag ourselves to GYM at night, we, for the most part, feel exhausted from work and a huge colossal portion of cases that you just simply recycle at home, watch TV and go to bed.
The most intriguing part is that the exercise not only supports your muscles, but also strengthens your heart, your bones reduce your blood circulation and reduce your muscle against fat. Keeping visible viewers open to this problem, everyone will stay alive and healthy, move towards a more favorable life, look great and, in addition, receive money in the DTK token using the dtrack application.
Using Ethereum Blockchain, we have developed a Decentralized Proof of the Exercise token with an imaginative adaptive application that allows you to use the DTK token with your body. The Dtrack stage will develop an application that adapts to dtrack, which attracts customers, rehearsing their body, wherever they are on the planet, exposing the Proof of Exercise token called Dtrack token (DTK). The more exercise and body promotion, the more DTK tokens you will win as a winner.

TOKEN ECONOMY The Dtrack icon will be based on ethereum - a decentralized platform for applications that run.
just as modified, without being shot from distortion, control, or an outsider.
all transactions will be tied to best-in-class cryptography, and
chain integrity will be ensured by CPU performance.
DTK current fills the dtrack platform, encouraging and tying business exchanges
between users, working as an API, getting to the key, the DTK token will fill a wide range
needs, including obtaining information about the block chain, initiating exchanges and
contracts and remuneration of members of the structure - give a few examples.
To obtain the foregoing, as set out in this technical paper, we collect funds through
public sale, otherwise known as ICO.
Internal calculations led to a maximum target of funding a rigid cap in the amount of
1808 eth. The project is not possible within this amount. Fixed tokens
from the public will be burned.
ICO will consist of three stages: 3,000,000,000 DTK tokens will be sold at each stage;
The first stage 3 000 000 000 TOKEN 1ETH = 8 000 000 DTK 10% BONUS
The second stage 4 000 000 000 TOKEN 1ETH = 6 000 000 DTK 5% BONUS
Stage 3 2 000 000 000 TOKEN 1ETH = 3 000 000 DTK 1%
PROGRAMS MADE BY Dtrack Ecosystem Development 60%
Marketing 15%
Exchange listing 20%
Legal, buyback & admin 5%

Road map

For more information, click the link below:
website: https://dtrack.org/
Ann Subject: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5057141.0
White Paper: https://dtrack.org/assets/whitepaper.pdf
Facebook: https://facebook.com/Dtrackdtk
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DTRACK_DTK
Telegram: https://www.linkedin.com/company/dtrack-dtk/
Medium: https://medium.com/ dtrack
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/dtrack-dtk/
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/projectdtrack DESCRIPTION
Author: standout321

Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1756728

My Ethereum wallet address: 0x495A548499e336311Dec1219b9Fa34df00769c13

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