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Modern cryptocurrency exchanges seemingly should take into account the mistakes of their predecessors. It is logical that they should become faster, more convenient, the level of technical support should be the highest. But with the release of each new exchange we are faced with the fact that the new platform is not as fast as we were promised, the withdrawal of own funds may take up to 24 hours, and in some cases you will have to wait a couple of days if the transaction fell on a day off. In general, sheer disappointment. Of course there are exceptions, platforms providing really high-quality and fast service, but their units, and the market is inexorably growing, and everything is waiting for new, modern and high-quality platforms for the exchange of cryptoactive assets.

Encrybit Exchange is positioned as a cryptocurrency exchange of the future, with its intra-exchange token ENCX. I want to note that all ingenious is simple, and at times, in order to make a successful product there is absolutely no need to reinvent the wheel. It is enough to take an existing idea and improve it, freeing it as much as possible from its shortcomings. And competent development teams successfully use this rule.

The Encrybit exchange is essentially the same platform for trading cryptocurrency assets, but it would not be correct to put it on a par with the majority of such platforms, at least having read the information about it from official sources.

Encrybit has its own internal token ENCX, which of course is very good, the idea is not new, but it will provide such a token with liquidity. ENCX holders will be able to receive a discount on trade commissions of up to 50%, 40% of the payment for listing new tokens will occur in ENCX. Also, the team plans to redeem ENCX tokens every quarter.

Encrybit team is at the stage of attracting investments for the development of the project. Currently, a private sale of tokens has been announced, which will be held from 11/01/18 to 12/03/18, the main sale will be announced later.

Total released 270000000 ENCX

Bitcoin and ethereum are accepted.

Cost of ENCX $ 0,2

Minimum purchase on a private sale 50Eth

At the same time, the Encrybit team is not new to the high-tech market, but has a direct relationship with M-Connect Solutions, which has been developing software since 2009, and since 2015 has been developing blockchain.

Thus, speaking of the Encrybit project, we mean an experienced team that certainly understands what it is doing. Moreover, the team includes not only technical developers, but also an experienced manager and powerful marketing, which in such projects is a very important component and engine for further product promotion to the masses.

After reviewing the full set of advantages of the Encrybit exchange, the team’s experience and ambitions, Encrybit plans to enter the top 10 cryptobirge by 2021, using the ENCX intramarket token, you understand that acquiring ENCX at the inception stage of the project could be a very good investment.

Summing up, I want to say that the idea of ​​such a platform is not new, but this does not mean that Encrybit is neither interesting nor attractive. The implementation of the project itself, which directly depends on the team and the management of the project, its further support and development is very important. Encrybit has an excellent team and an improved concept, these are the main components of the success of the project. Everything is in the hands of the team and I think it will be a success.

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