I want to introduce you to the colorful, light project MonsterBit Maybe you remember the well-known crypto game that was launched on November 28, 2017 and it reached a record attendance for several days collecting several million dollars, but this popularity had a disadvantage - the game runs on Ethereum and at the top of fame seriously slowed the network of this cryptocurrency transactions. Now interest in crypto cats has subsided significantly due to the fact that there is no development and a lot of in-game problems. Well, to replace the old, always comes new, MonsterBit picked up the idea, developing and correcting the flaws, adding all sorts of chips and of course the characters that I like, for example, much more. Each of us has a child living in our souls, and now I look at these monsters, well, I would buy everyone and caress and cherish, they are extraordinary.

MonsterBit is a clone of the famous crypto game with very interesting additions. We did not invent a wheel. We took a successful project and made it stronger in terms of functionality and more vivid in terms of design. To the usual breeding and unique DNA, we added the maturing of characters through feeding. The gaming industry continues to increase the size of capital. Together, some companies are exploring the possibility of building games around the blockchain, which will allow them to use the advantages of cryptocurrencies and tokens. Whether the card game, MMO or RPG - they can all use virtual currencies in their services.


I really like the optimism of the MonsterBit developers, as well as their honesty is captivating, they do not set the task of replacing crypto seals with their game. Developed by MonsterBit do not hide the fact that the initial task consists first and foremost to earn a lot of money for developers, respectively, and for us as for investors.

VDNA monsters, in addition to different gradients, included a huge number of facial expressions, which will make the new monsters visually even more unique. In the differences between cats otrypto, monsters are born small and must grow up to the breeding level, that is, the opportunity to plunge into the fascinating game world is added, because to grow a monster is much more interesting than just getting a cat of the same type. Nabirzhe will be selling a monster of any age. Monsters will grow with the help of two catalysts. Jeda time, everything is like in life 😉, the monster is born and grows beyond time. To speed up the maturing of the monster, you need to feed him food from an internal system store. Each user, after a certain time, appears free food for feeding the monster. Every 20% of the time the monster generates a request-the desire to eat, which is sent to the mail user. If the user enters and feeds the monster, he gets a 20% bonus meal. If the user does not want to wait, he can buy food. The price of food directly depends on the price at which the monster was bought, and is equal to 100%, but not more than 0.2 eth per one stage of maturation. The price of food for a newborn monster is half the price of his mother, but not less than 0.002 eth. Like the crypto seals process

breeding will occur by “mating”. Adult monsters can arrange a battle between themselves and the blasters will pick up, bolsters and monsters of different sizes and generations will be captured. Imagine? All that is in the system can be played in the beat. I will definitely participate, I love fights, however, as well as games разработ Developers and advertisers didn’t pay attention either, advertising monsters will be created with the help of which you can advertise your products. In general, there are a lot of chips, lures and innovations. I invite everyone interested in details to study the white paper, in it you will find very detailed information about the project. At this stage, Iko passes, the price of a monster is only 1MB = 0.002 ETH. Total released 7,500,000 million tokens. 1.25 million tokens remain with the team. 6 million tokens will be sold in the ico stage: idea, prototype and development. 250 thousand tokens allocated for the country.

It is important!

What does the owner of tokens get? System monsters. They grow older and multiply. They can not be crossed. They generate the whole system. Initially, they can only buy zatokeny. In the future, they will be able to sell / buy in the monster store. They generate a commission on buying purchases and sales of monsters by users. Ichast take it yourself. They generate Monsters GEN 0 and also sell them for ETH. They generate all the food for the monsters and sell them. Those. Holders of tok-nov will sell food to users for ETH. They generate weapons and ammunition, and sell them to their users for ETH.

From myself I want to add that you have a unique opportunity to join the project at the initial stage, to become part of the team and get a profit in a fun, game-like manner. Look at these beautiful, funny, pretty faces. Monsters and profit are inseparable, all good, beaver, monsters and profit :)

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