ICO is a form of investment attraction in cryptocurrency projects without a regulatory basis. This means that the originator of the main placement of coins can be any natural or legal person. The idea is the fundamental value of ICO. It is made for the implementation of an idea / project and a collection of investments. The whole process involves the implementation of several phases:

Preliminary announcement. ICO initiators share your idea with the public.

Offer. This is a proposal for cooperation. In the case of ICO - on investment.

marketing campaign. When almost everything is ready to start an ICO startup, the "flywheel" of advertising begins to unfold. Unlike advance notification, a startup can already tell more about its product / service, which reveals the investment conditions, goals, technical details.

Start the sale. A full launch of the sale of chips is also called crowdsale or tokens. Initially, the startup offers investors to buy a token on its platform (website).

However, to increase your interest in your project and disseminate information, businesses are more likely to use assistants. Bounty is a reward offered by ico manufacturers for certain services. In simple terms, a startup gives people their chips for their contribution to the development of the project.
Namek is specifically designed for these relationships, developing relationships between ICO developers / organizers and users offering their services.

parachuting platform. Their goal is to increase awareness of the launch of fundraising and the project as a whole. Entrepreneurs reward users for their participation in community and social media. As a fan, you will receive a few tokens of important projects for you.

Bounty is a platform. Here, you can show your talents and skills in full splendor. For some actions, you will receive tokens. You can choose the direction in which you are good:

BitcoinTalk signature. Promote ICO with a personalized BitcoinTalk profile signature.

Social Media Campaign (Airdrop). Increase the word-of-mouth effect around the ICO by making it a major topic for social media discussions. This can even be achieved through tastes and occasions.

Translation. Make ICO Global. If you are fluent in foreign languages, you help the project reach a wide audience.

Video production. Make a statement, advertisement or marketing video to illustrate the product and the ICO.

Article written. Create meaningful blog posts and posters to increase the ICO's visibility in the marketplace.

Booth Bounty. This means that you can identify identity, reporting, and UX errors when using an ICO product.

All you have to do to participate in this fascinating process:

Create an account

Select a project Perform



NMK Rewards tokens and details on the execution of the ICO.

The NMK token is the most important way to pay bonuses and startup agencies on the platform. Thus, each platform participant with NMK tokens can absolutely receive tokens from customers who wish to transfer an ICO to the platform or use it as a distribution of their Airdrop.

Token symbol NMK

Platform: Ethereum
ERC20 standard

Accepted Currencies: BTC, ETH, LTC, USD

Total number of chips issued: 400,000,000 NMK

Soft Cap-2,000 ETH

Hard Cap-20 000 ETH

Token cost: 1 NMK = 0.00048 ETH

The new chip delivery will take place on October 21, 2018.

KYC: Yes

Minimum investment-0.0048 ETH

Maximum investment - without restrictions.




Bounty MTB:

White paper:




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