Greetings dear friends. Today I will tell you a new unique project. And so expensive investors find new projects. Friends, get to know the platform Rest is a long-awaited revolution in culinary skills. Sweet and money back? If so, this platform is created for you. The rest is the implementation of a universal cost-effective block chain that provides a strong competitive advantage, offering a variety of marketing and advertising services that are very effective in a period of global loyalty.

A restaurant for investors is the ability to invest in universal currency in Rest: the formation of constant growth by attracting each catering operator and merging with each new country in the market. This is an important opportunity to obtain guaranteed passive income and the opportunity to become one of the founders of the global loyalty meal.

The restaurant for the participants is a unique and complete set that solves the main problem of restaurant operators. This is a free and powerful competitive advantage that offers a variety of marketing and advertising services that are very effective in the general loyalty space of unlimited possibilities.

Rest for consumers: it is a common currency to visit in each catering operation. This gives consumers an unprecedented opportunity to save and obtain at the same time, receive the best prices and the cheapest deals without geographical limits, as special participants of the international public community.

Our goal is to integrate the catering loyalty program around the world. Our global approach to developing loyalty programs can not be compared. We are pleased to welcome you to the food service market, we are here today, the Global Rest loyalty platform.
Rest is not only a simple and practical loyalty program, but also a multifunctional marketing platform, an additional revenue source, a unique and free competitive advantage in the hospitality industry. In addition, Resto is a huge database of potential consumers with a very broad focus based on various customer characteristics ranging from average costs to geographic selection and special taste preferences.

Platform Resto is integrated with the main catering systems, all marketing initiatives and profit costs can be easily done with just a few clicks. The Rest Marketing Platform allows you to use the most innovative tools to attract and encourage customers to return, increase loyalty and average spending, and improve the quality of services, such as surveys. The CRM and Mobile App Rest, Mobile Catering Operators systems allow you to maximize all information about the efficiency of the company to improve its services and communication with consumers.

Platform attributes:

Transparent method to recover money in chips;

several ways to use stored restaurant tokens;

Various daily activities (food in the restaurant, online orders) with return rates in the restaurant token.

Information about ico

Etereo: ERC20

Broadcast mark: 1.1 billion

Rest tab price: 0.0001 ETH

Accepted currency: BTC, ETH, LTC



Bonus plan: yes

KYC: yes

Min / personal Max Cap: 0.01 ETH (or equivalent) / unlimited

For more information: Restotoken
Author: standout321

Bitcointalk profile:;u=1756728

My Ethereum wallet address: 0x495A548499e336311Dec1219b9Fa34df00769c13

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