We are proud to announce the first official Spotcoin AMA on June 8 at 2 pm(GMT/UTC+4)

#We are proud to announce the first official Spotcoin AMA on June 8 at 2 pm(GMT/UTC+4)
You are cordially invited to join us on the NEO subreddit to (like it says on the box) ask us anything you’d like.

##About Spotcoin
We make digital currencies work for everyone through direct access and simple liquidity.
The Problem -Restriction
The digital currency landscape is fragmented.
Only a few exchanges handle fiat currencies with stringent deposit and withdrawal limits creating bottlenecks in these emerging markets.

The Spotcoin Solution - Liquidity

An extraordinarily fast exchange ,designed from the ground up to directly address problems of current and future digital financial systems.

Why Spotcoin ? Proven Performance

Spotcoin’s digital asset exchange will seamlessly connect NEO users with OTC markets,miners and payment systems through a user -friendly interface.
Our weekly dividend distributions backed by reports from third-party auditors ensure transparency and accountability.
Spotcoin trains the workforce of tomorrow and supports and invests in promising startups through its Blockchain Instute and Accelerator Program.

##Leadership Team

You will get to chance to ask Andrew Thornhill-Co Founder , Timothy Gick-CEO and Byron Yoshida-ICO Program Manager any question you wish.

We will strive to answer all questions-no matter how technical -until we provide a satisfying answer.
*Who: Spotcoin Leadership (Co-Founder,CEO & ICO PM)
*What: Ask Me Anything (AMA)
*When: June 8 at 2pm GMT/UTC +4 (1-hour in duration)
*Where: Neo Subreddit (Will create a new AMA thread)
*Why: Increase everyone's sutiational awareness about Spotcoin and the NEO community
*How: Ask questions on Neo Subreddit (Maximum 2-Questions per user)


*Spotcoin Website: www.spotcoin.com>
*Telegram channel: https://t.me/spotcointeam>
*Telegram announcements: https://t.me/spotcoinnews>

Tim,and the Spotcoin Team

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