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We cannot deny the fact that privacy is our main concern when we share our data online.
If you are having a chat with another person online, the only thing that concerns you is that nobody apart from that person should see your private talks.

Many people have been ignorant regarding these matters and the companies, especially social media have been exploiting this ignorance.

The social networking websites on one hand have bridged the gap between people by helping them interact with each other, thereby ensuring they remain in touch and at the same time they have helped the advertisers to promote their business and earn huge profits but on the other hand the privacy of our data has been at stake.

They(Social networking websites) have tools or softwares which help them track our identities and at the same time get hold of our precious and secret data.
They can use our accounts at will and use it as we are able to use our social media profiles.
Imagine someone else using your Facebook/Twitter or Instagram account!
I know that will freak you out.
These social media companies have been doing the same since the start and Facebook is an example of that.


Not long ago a prominent political consulting company Cambridge Analytica found out that data has been collected from millions of Facebook accounts to see how this data will help their clients.

Let's look at some of the headlines facebook made since the start of this year:

  • Mark Zuckerberg wants to devote this year in fixing facebook.
    I am not really sure why he said this but that is his job and he should be doing it regularly.
  • Messenger kids- Over 100 child advocates and medical experts urge facebook to halt Messenger Kids as it poses a threat to the health and development of the children.
  • Facebook's Pollster who quit after 6 months.
  • A fall in the total number of users using facebook, maybe for the first time.
  • Spam.
  • Sex stuff.
  • Adding features to messenger lite which made it heavy.
  • Finally the Cambridge Analytica.

I am sure there must be more which I am not aware of.

That is just the past three months, imagine what must have happened in the past 14 years of facebook.

The #deleteFacebook campaign has been gaining popularity over the past few days and a lot of people have joined the campaign.
Numerous accounts have been deleted and Jeremy Deller has distributed posters instructing how to delete Facebook as it is not easy to delete a facebook account.

If you look at the statistics, facebook was not as popular as it is today and there were a little amount of people using facebook.
It might have suffered losses during the early stages of its launch.
It was in 2010 that facebook started to gain popularity among the people and eventually started making huge profits.
There are more than 2 billion users on facebook as of now.
Those 2 billion people value their privacy and eventually they will get out of facebook soon.

The problem with facebook is that it is centralised, that is someone controls it and has access to all the information stored on facebook and its users.

That is where decentralisation comes into play.
We need a social network that is decentralised, that is nobody controls it and has no access to the personal information of the users.

Numerous projects based on blockchain are there to ensure data security which include zencash and steemit of course.
Zencash is a platform for secure messages and media.
Steemit is a social media blogging platform where you can earn money for posting.
But these might not be ideal platforms for most of the users as they are addicted to facebook and might be looking for an alternative that is very very similar to facebook.

We might have found the solution in sphere.
images (10).jpeg

Sphere is a next generation decentralised social network which is different from the centralised ones.
Sphere provides you with data security, transparency and the privacy and believes that every user should be compensated a portion of the data he/she spends on their network.

In wake of the facebook scandal, people might have now understood that they are being cheated and probably might need a platform which will ensure the security of their data.
Sphere is the solution as it is a blockchain based social network which means that data will be recorded in a ledger and only the owner of that data will be able to access it.
Sphere is a platform on which users will be able to share their ideas and chat with other users freely without having the fear of data breach.

Sphere will pay the incentives in the form of its own token SAT.
Sphere will ensure the data collection only after the awareness and knowledge of the original data owner.
Sphere aims to give power back to the people.
With every click and with every social interaction done on sphere, we take the profits.

They have a working model in the form of a mobile application for both android and iOS.

The advertisers will also benefit from the technology of sphere as they pay for the clicks that are generated on their advertisements.
The advertisers will have to use SAT tokens within the sphere network to create ads
Sphere will ensure that the advertisement created by the advertisers reach the right audience.
The advertisers pay only for the clicks on their advertisements.



SAT tokens will be used by sphere to facilitate the transactions within the sphere network.

They are also tradable as you can convert them into any cryptocurrency or you can also convert them into cash as well.
1 SAT token is valued at $0.14 and there is some bonus also.
If you are thinking to be a part of the ICO and get some SAT tokens under your belt, this is the best time to get in.

ICO Timeline


You can participate in the token sale click here

The sphere ico will be concluded in 4 rounds and currently the last one is in progress.

The unused SAT tokens will be burnt in order to preserve their value.

You can read the whitepaper here.

Click here to down sphere app for android.

Click here to download sphere app for iPhone.

You can checkout sphere on the following social media platforms.






All the images whose source hasn't been mentioned are from Pixabay.

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