Afeli is an innovative 3D marketplace, integrating with the next generation social network. Afeli erases the boundaries between reality and virtual space, opening new opportunities for business and ordinary consumers.

  1. Introduction

The Internet emergence has greatly changed the world and our consumer behavior. People
used to communicate daily in the social networks, make purchases in online stores and spend
their free time watching videos. Today, almost none of us can imagine our life different.
However, the things we have now are only a stage that will be passed sooner or later in any
case. Facebook, Amazon and Youtube that are familiar for us will be replaced by something
else. Why will this happen? It will happen because the progress cannot be stopped and it can
be done much more things that will be better and more interesting for the end users.
In recent years, the world has seen a huge number of projects related to virtual reality.
However, practically none of them has changed our consumer behavior. Yes, it's fun to change
masks, speaking in the image of Donald Trump or Sharon Stone, but that's all. We saw no
practical benefit.
Afeli enters the market with a global goal to change the consumer habits of people and
companies in three directions, that is, shopping, social interaction and entertainment.

  1. Issue description

We say that the Internet has simplified the acquisition of goods and services by completely
changing the process of choice and purchase. But is it really so?
There is the simplest example. Earlier we went to "Adidas" store and chose the sneakers for
running there. Advantages: we saw the model with our own eyes and could fit it on.
Disadvantages: loss of time (although women will strongly disagree with us).
Today we order all the same Adidas sneakers in the online store and save our time. But the
disadvantages are the right side up. The sneakers may not fit the size or you just may not like it
(this is not a picture, but a thing you need to hold in your hands and fit on your feet).
Has it so much changed in this process over the past 20 years together with the Internet
emergence? As we can see, it hasn't.
All the same applies to almost any goods or services that we order online. Furniture, hotel
booking in Phuket, air tickets, repairs in the apartment or going to the theater.

  1. Our solution

Afeli completely changes the familiar processes in trade, communication and entertainment with
the help of 3D technologies. What does it look like?
A girl chooses a dress in an online store. She will need to download her physical data (height,
weight, hips, etc.) and a photo that will be received via the web camera of the phone, tablet,
laptop on the Afeli platform. We create a virtual copy (avatar), whereby you can use the virtual
dressing room in any store in any place in the world.
The customer fits on different dresses and sees how they fit and go with exactly at her figure. At
any time, you can connect the function of communicating with a live seller, who will consult on
the texture, help you to make a choice, etc.
But this is only the beginning! In real time, the customer knocks on her friends in our social
network and asks for help with choosing a dress. The friends perfectly imagine how their friend
looks like in the real life. And due to the 3D copy, they can immediately express their opinion on
how this dress will actually fit on the customer.
At the same time, the girl (woman) can be sure that this thing fits her in size. The risk of return
of the chosen and delivered goods is reduced to a minimum.
In addition, it increases the probability of complex purchases of goods. Buying sets of clothes
will be a significant advantage of using our marketplace by our customers.
All the same applies to millions of other goods, services and entertainment:
-- Booking a room in a particular hotel. We no longer need to trust the hotelier's pictures. We
can personally see how the room looks in the real life, walk on it, look into the bathroom and go
out on the balcony.
-- We can also play in a real casino, rather than a virtual one, talk to the dealer and even leave
him some tips from the win.
-- We can independently create any design in our apartment. Then you can immediately place
an order for the selected furniture, wallpaper, ceramic tiles, etc. on the platform.

  1. Why does business need it?

Why shall the sellers of goods and services use this platform? After all, they are in any case
successful and sell products online and offline.
In fact, this is a superficial view of the issue. With the Internet emergence, almost any business
became low-margin. And its owners are trying their best to stand out and take their place in the
This is especially true for young, only emerging brands. The latter receive a unique opportunity
without a huge budget for advertising and marketing to reach their customers.
Demonstration of new collections using 3D-avatars sharply highlights such sellers against the
background of more conservative competitors.
Business additionally saves huge amounts on the costs associated with the return of goods that
do not fit for a particular reason.
The subsequent sales to the same customer are facilitated. Today, we receive SMS messages
about the new collection arrival in the store. And tomorrow the seller of the Afeli platform will
drop the link, by clicking on which the client will immediately see how she looks in the new
dress, which has just arrived at the store.

  1. Difference from competitors

There are several start-ups in the world, for example, with the work principles
similar to the Afeli project. The main and, in fact, the only source of earnings is renting the own
plug-in with the fitting room functions. The plug-in is mounted in the online store, giving the
opportunity to demonstrate the goods on the dummy.
The lack of such projects lies in engines based on Flash technology, thus the 3D model
adaptation to the project environment causes many mistakes. At the same time, the stores do
not have enough to buy this plug-in, but they need to create a whole department for modeling
their own products in 3D format.
Afeli has its own 3D-modeling department, which uses the platform's capabilities for the needs
of any online store. The latter is enough to embed its web-site code into the plug-in with the 3D
Flash-player and place a button "Try on" on its goods. The consumer follows the link of the Afeli
platform, where he/she can feel all the advantages of a virtual fitting room of any store, entity,
entertainment facility.

  1. Afeli description
    6.1 3D-platform
    The cornerstone of the Afeli platform is its own innovative 3D platform. The users create their
    own virtual 3D avatars, as well as the avatars of their home, car and even their favorite cat.
    The manufacturers, sellers, providers of entertainment content and services create personal 3D-
    galleries. This creates convenience for users of online stores, which want not only to see the
    picture of the goods, but to view them in the smallest detail. For example, open all the cabinet
    doors, consider its functionality from the inside, or see how the fabric sparkles on the chair
    upholstery when changing the view angle.
    The Afeli platform is based on Unity 3D engine. This makes it unique for adaptation to all the
    latest goods and computer technologies. The Afeli project is one of the first web-sites adapted
    for viewing in the virtual reality helmet Oculus Rift + 3D-glasses. The Unity engine allows you
    receiving the application form downloaded to mobile devices and tablets, having a browser
    version, and being a full-fledged application downloaded to the users' personal computers. The
    Unity license format allows us occupying a new niche that has not been implemented by
    anyone yet, being an online store downloaded by the users to Sony PlayStation, Xbox,
    Nintendo gaming devices, etc.

Main components of the Afeli platform

-- Marketplace
The Afeli marketplace opens additional opportunities for the sale of not only clothing, but also
the goods of interior design and industrial production. The manufacturers of furniture,
accessories, devices can place "View in 3D" button on their portals, through which the user will
get on the Afeli platform.

-- Social network
A social network is created from the user accounts like contacts on Facebook social network.
However, in addition to photos, Afeli creates 3D-avatars of users, their virtual copies, whereon
you can wear different, really existing sets of clothing. The users will be able to exchange
messages, post photos of their avatars in other social networks, thereby attracting a new
audience to the project. They will be also able to follow the acquisitions of their friends,
additionally motivating them and themselves to new purchases.

-- Playground
The playground is created for maximum customer retention of the platform. Having its own 3D
avatar, the user can use it in game projects located on the resource. The given projects can be
both of proprietary design and third-party manufacturers. The proprietary projects can be

created based on existing network projects in the gaming market. The Afeli platform is based on
the game engine, which makes it attractive for most of the game developers. They will complete
the list of applications built into Afeli and expand the project functionality by their own

-- Virtual fitting room
A virtual fitting room gives Afeli the advantage and advantageous difference from other online
clothing stores, in which the consumer chooses the goods relying on the photographs, not
imagining whether the given thing will fit on him/her or not. When it comes to a set of clothes,
which different photos, the selection process, select becomes more difficult, since it is physically
impossible to make a complete impression of the image for most people.

-- Internet-entertainment center
The Afeli project is the next generation online store and the project format allows calling it the
Internet-entertainment center. It combines the qualities of an online store, a virtual dressing
room, a social network, a platform for computer entertainment, bookings and orders for goods
and services.

6.2 Blockchain and database

Afeli is a decentralized platform based on a blockchain technology that connects users, sellers
and enterprises directly. This requires working with huge amounts of data coming from all the
system participants.
Afeli uses the Ethereum platform. This blockchain has an excellent reputation and provides all
the services necessary for the platform operation. The main problem with integration is the
Network capacity, but Ethereum is constantly increasing its capacity and improving its
All the data collected will be stored in its own Data Center. The main requirement (besides the
information security) is to organize a repository that allows us repeatedly updating the
information in real time and simulate a 3D-image. The Elasticsearch technology will help us to
optimize the performance and search function in the stored data array.

  1. Integration with Afeli platform
    The Afeli platform provides 4 different types of accounts.
  2. Public.
    Anyone who will take the trouble can open the account. The user can create a 3D-avatar with a
    payment system attached to it (Visa, Mastercard, etc.), with 24/7 feedback and online
    consultation method.
  3. Corporate.
    It is provided to the partner corporations with the possibility of 24/7 consultations with the
    system service administrators. Self-determination of the goods in stock and shipping options,
  4. Moderators.
    To avoid religion propaganda, pornography distribution, sales of banned substances and drugs,
    the moderator accounts will be created on the Afeli platform. Their task is to monitor both
    public and corporate accounts.
  5. The developers and system administrators account in order they could correct bugs and
    make other changes to the platform, if necessary.

Platform wallet
Each user has its own wallet in the Afeli network. It is provided an appropriate security level.
The settlement can be made both in fiat money and in the crypto currency through it. The
conversion can be made in both directions inside the wallet.
The exchange fee is 0. That is, there is a fixed exchange rate for each moment when it is
possible to convert fiat money into crypto currency and vice versa.

7.1 How does it work for users?

The user registers on the web-site, going through the following steps: entering a name,
surname, phone number, e-mail and password.
By opening an account on the Afeli platform, the user can activate the services offered by the
platform, if desired. In addition to 3D-avatar, we give the opportunity to sell the goods, look for a
job or partners.
For example, a user has his/her own business for sofa production, and he/she is looking for a
supplier of fabrics. In the "Personal Information" section, the user shall enter the position, scope
of activities, etc. In the "Settings" section, he/she shall activate the "Partner Search" service,
while indicating who he/she is looking for. Afeli will pick up partners for him/her from its producer
Any person can sell things he/she does not need with the help of a 3D-avatar. Afeli assumes
the function of the transaction guarantor made between two individuals. The buyer transfers

money for the goods. Afeli freezes them until the buyer has received and tested the goods. Only
after that the seller receives payment to his/her account.

7.1 How does it work for services?
Afeli for business
You need to set up an account on the Afeli platform.
It is required to enter the section "Afeli for business and register there by entering the name,
surname (or company name), e-mail, phone number. Confirm phone number and e-mail.
Choose one from the following three categories:
There are two registration options available for the sellers:
The individual option does not charge a subscription fee from users, but takes 1% of the cost of
goods from each sale.

Afeli allows you downloading a 3D-layout (of the goods) by yourself or order it from Afeli
Professional status requires a fixed monthly contribution equal to $99, and payment in the
amount of 0.15% of the cost of goods from each sale. At the same time, this status has a
number of advantages unlike the individual one:
-- Ability to sell an unlimited quantity of goods per month.
-- Access to advertising and analytics.
-- Ability to automate business on Afeli with the help of third-party services.
-- Unlimited listing number.
-- Access to all categories of goods.
Afeli specialists will develop 3D-models of the goods by themselves.
This section is for those who want to become a partner and to use the Afeli opportunities for
their business.

We consider that such a segment includes designers, architects, design studios and online
stores, for example, La moda,, etc. Here you need to register by choosing services
or business (B2B) model.
The services are designed for the design studio, architect bureaus or private designers,
etc. When choosing services, a subscription fee is charged at the following rate:
3 months - $49 (monthly)
6 months - $36 (monthly)
9 months - $29 (monthly)
12 months - $20 (monthly)
This section is intended for online stores, such as La moda.
It works according to b2b principle. For example, you can use the 3D-platform directly on the
online store web-site through the API.
There is also a subscription fee. Its size ranges from $1,500 to $4,000 monthly.
This section is for the game industry. Here we give the opportunity to present your games in 3D-
format on the Afeli platform. It is charged a subscription fee and commission on hidden
Registration procedure at Afeli for Business.
Go to the Afeli start page and click on Afeli for Business. When entering, click on your account.
Choose one of the following three options to create an account.
After choosing, click on it and go to the section page where Afeli offers to choose the sub-
points. For example, if you have chosen a seller, then you shall choose between individual or
Having determined your status on the Afeli page, you need to fill out the following information:
name, surname or organization name, bank card data for withdrawal of funds received from the
For confirmation, enter the phone number and e-mail. Afeli sends a PIN-code by calling or
sending SMS message to make sure that you are not a bot. A link for the account activation is
sent to e-mail.
After the registration is over, it will be conducted an interview on the form of keeping tax reports
and signing the necessary documents. The documents can be sent to both mail and e-mail.
After signing all the documents, the Afeli services, including wallet (the funds will be transferred
to it the seller will transfer them from it to his/her card) are activated. After all the steps, you can
display your goods on the Afeli platform or get the API.

  1. Platform monetization

  2. Subscription fee
    The sellers, manufacturers or service providers pay for the opportunity to be introduced
    on the Afeli platform. The subscription fee includes a 3D-modeling service and further
    technical support, for example, adding new collections.

  3. Sales commission
    When buying on the platform, Afeli receives 0.5% of the cost of goods and 1% of the
    cost of services.

  4. Advertising
    Smart advertising using targeting. The ability to choose the audience, preferences, etc.
    You can order both conventional banner and 3D advertising.
    What is 3D advertising? For example, a new collection of clothes has appeared in the
    store. The seller can customize the advertising, which will be seen by the user as a 3D-
    image on his avatar.

  1. Token economics

It will be released a total of 10 million AEI tokens. Their placement will be carried out on the
Ethereum blockchain platform. All the Afeli Coin tokens not sold during their placement will be
The final number of Afeli tokens is a guarantee of growth in their purchase value, together with
the growth in the profit of our service. The Afeli Coin token is an integral part of the platform and
is present in all mutual settlements within the system.
The listing of Afeli Coin tokens for the crypto-exchanges will take place within 30 days after the
ICO completion. The token holders can store them, freely buy/sell or exchange for fiat money.

Profit distribution

The net profit of the Afeli platform is divided into 2 parts:

  • 50% is sent to the platform scaling;
  • 50% is sent to pay dividends to the token holders.
    The profit distribution will be held once a quarter. To get it, it's enough to be the nominal token
    holder on the cut-off date.

The future of AEI token
Along with the growing number of platform users and profits, an increasing number of tokens
will be removed from circulation and burned. A constant increase in the token value will lead to
an additional demand from investors and speculators, which will additionally increase the price.
Year 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
Number of platform downloads 0 30 ths. 120 ths. 450 ths. 1.5 mln 4 mln
Token price (USD) 1.5 10 50 200 900 3,000

  1. ICO

Token distribution
60% - sale
12% - project team
12% - project partners + mentors
10% - reserve
6% - bounty

ICO structure
Token price: AEI 0.001 ETH at Pre ICO.
Token price: AEI 0.002 ETH at ICO.
Pre ICO date: April 23, 2018 May 23, 2018
Bonus program
1 week - 20% discount;
2 week - 15% discount;

3 week - 10% discount;
4 week - 5% discount;

Minimum fee amount: 200 ETH
Pre ICO main goal: 450 ETH
Maximum fee amount 1 :1,000 ETH
ICO date: June 23, 2018 - July 23, 2018
Minimum fee amount: 1,000 ETH
ICO main goal: 2,000 ETH
Maximum fee amount: 5,000 ETH

Tokens will be sent to customers within 10 days after the ICO completion.
The withdrawal to the crypto-exchanges will take place 15 days after the ICO completion

11 Roadmap

1 quarter of 2017 - Start working on the 3D avatar project.
2 quarter of 2017 - Forming the Afeli platform concept.
3 quarter of 2017 - The Afeli team is formed, the prototype is tested.
1 quarter of 2018 - Preparation for ICO.
April 2018 - Pre ICI of the Afeli platform alpha version.
June 2018 - ICO.
July 2018 - Token distribution, listing on stock exchanges.
August 2018 - Afeli platform alpha version.
4 quarter of 2018 - "As is" testing of the 3D platform.
1 quarter of 2019 - Launching a full-featured beta version.
2 quarter of 2019 - Launching the "job search" service.
3 quarter of 2019 - Integration of VR/IR glasses service.
1 quarter of 2020 - Market entrance by concierge service.

В избранное
Afeli is an innovative 3D marketplace, integrating with the next generation social network. Afeli erases the boundaries between reality and virtual space, openi

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