Just imagine for a moment : " You are driving a luxury racing car, driving on the best track in the world, fighting for the championship and finally come to the finish line first!" How was it?? Agree feelings and emotions only the most positive!

       Only before it was all on a small screen, and now you can feel part of it. With the development of technology, the world of games has become so much closer to reality.

       It's no secret that in recent years we have completely immersed ourselves in the work routine, the hustle and bustle of life and completely forgot about what made us happy as a child.

       Now increasingly popular are gaining points for a sense of virtual reality. Watching a video or playing a game, we seem to be in the right place at the right time. Our brain perceives the picture as reality and we can feel fear, adrenaline, delight and other emotions.

       And, for example, the company "CryptoCarz" decided not to stay away from the latest technological trends and created a decentralized platform based on the" blockchain", so that gaming not only brings pleasure, but also profit.

       First of all, "blockchain". I think many of you have already heard about it and know what it means. The blockchain technology works thanks to the system of  "smart contracts", which are concluded directly between the company and the user, without unnecessary intermediaries. Also, thanks to these "contracts" you can track all your transactions on the network, and in case of questions check all the bills and payments. And in case of a dispute, the register always remains a single and honest arbitrator.

      The platform "CryptoCarz" offers a choice of 20 racing cars that can be rented. Thanks to the functions of virtual reality, you can feel like a real racer.

      The platform will operate in 3 stages:

  1. Create a virtual garage and an interactive racing track.
  2. Market entry and launch of single-user trials.
  3. Connect multiplayer and tournament modes that support virtual reality.

      This platform is a godsend for those who love the feeling of freedom, drive, adrenaline and the most positive emotions.

      More detailed information can be found by clicking on the links below:

 My username: Vesna1

Telegram Group:  https://t.me/cryptocarz 

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