Aergo. project overview.

Today I would like to consider a new blockchain project AERGO. AERGO offers a new 4-generation protocol suite aimed at using advanced and simple tools for developers and a modern dApps reconciliation and deployment system.

The project of AERGO is actively assisted in the development of the Korean company Blocko. Based on Blocko’s experience in providing scalability, AERGO intends to become a special tool for building enterprise architectures on the basis of blocking by incorporating new, innovative and established technical approaches to creating scalable distributed database systems.

AERGO consists of 3 main architectural functions, which together form the Aergo platform.

AERGO Chain. The AERGO chain is a proposed block circuit designed to solve the problems that public block circuits currently face.
It is aimed at incorporating SQL based on a smart contract platform, as well as advanced features such as distributed version and concurrency control.

AERGO Hub. It is a hosting service on the blockchain, which acts as an open interface for building, testing deployment and management of independent block chains based on AERGO Chain.

AERGO HUB strives to be similar in nature to modern proven cloud-based web services (such as Amazon AWS)

AERGO Hub offers a number of advanced features, for example:

support of program microservices;
a content delivery network (“CDN”);
a serverless database;
interfaces for intelligent oracles (for connecting a block circuit with separate data sources
as a separate database);
intelligent gateway for intelligent routing of data / message traffic to the block chain
AERGO dApps (as well as all other supporting software, computing resources and services that are optimized for blocking) should be organized, prepared, deployed and ready for use. The aergo team plans to reach this august AERGO Horde. AERGO Horde has its own specialized operating system called AERGO OS. It provides certain interfaces and components that interact and work with the built-in
and a high-performance Linux kernel and related services (as shown in the diagram

AERGO Marketplace. It will be a universal store for applications, resource calculations and other services optimized for the AERGO network. Access to the AERGO Marketplace will be through the public interface AERGO Hub and managed through AERGO Horde.

AERGO Marketplace will function as a business and partner ecosystem. We plan to provide a wide range of digital opportunities that can be used to develop and implement innovative block solutions.

The platform is designed to support public, secure and hybrid deployments of blockbuster models.

Examples of digital opportunities that will eventually be available in AERGO
The trading floor includes:
● Computing power (CPU)
● Storage (scalable — ultra-fast), solid state memory
● Content delivery network (CDN)
● Algorithms of machine learning
● Digital content (new algorithms and new software micro services)
● Specialized databases
● Smart Contract and Smart Oracle (templates)
● Schemes for integration of Blockchain IT-block
● Digital Identification Drawings
● Document time typification (DTS drawings)
● AERGO blockchain Training

The AERGO platform plans to consider the possibility of including other modules and welcomes new ideas from the parties interested in participating and interacting with the AERGO ecosystem.

Roadmap of the project.

The AERGO project was launched in April 2018.
Third quarter of 2018, the beta version of the AERGO network is planned.
In the fourth quarter of 2018, a test-run is planned.
1 st quarter of 2019, the launch of the mainnet is planned.
Third quarter of 2019 — launch of AERGO Hub and Marketplace is planned
As you can see, the road map is not very stretched over time, due to what the project looks very attractive and interesting.


Consider the main members of the AERGO team.

Phil Zaman is chairman of the board. Chief Operating Officer of Blocko Inc. Has 20 years of experience working with open source and the business of cloud technologies.

Hun Young Park is a board member. Technical director of Blocko. Experienced block developer and researcher. Has 12 years of experience in Relational Database Management Systems and Distributed Solutions.

Roderik van der Graaf — Member of the Board. The founder of Lemniscap. He has considerable experience working in banks and venture capital.

The result.
The project clearly deserves attention, has a good qualified team of specialists, an up-to-date and understandable idea and a good way to implement it, as well as the support of such a giant as Blocko. This project will be interesting both in the long and short term.

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