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The Aergo blockchain project appeared in the crypto community in the middle of summer 2018 with the appearance on many crypto resources, reviews and tables. I will try to briefly outline the uniqueness of this project.

  1. The core of Aergo consists of Blocko’s Coinstack product
    Blocko is a global manufacturer of blockchain solutions for business. Among Blocko’s partners there are such companies as Hyundau, LG, Samsung, IBM, Microsoft, Cisco. The Coinstack product was created on the basis of the Etherium and Bitcoin with the addition of additional functions. Aergo is an open-source continuation of Coinstack, having the code base of this project at its core. Blocko is the general partner of Aergo.

2.Aergo combines onchain and sidechain technology
Abero blockade is a public blockbuster. Developers can run dapps on it, as well as, if necessary, operating their own chain, create their own sidechains. The network capacity in the side residents will be about 1 million tps.

3.Aergo is not only a blockchain
This is a whole platform, which consists of several elements: AergoChain, AergoHub, AergoMarketplace. AergoChain is a block of the project, described in the paragraph above. Consensus is achieved by the method of deterministic delegated proof of stake. 23 nodes will be responsible for creating the blocks. These nodes will be selected by the community and selected depending on the reputation and previous experience of becoming knots.

Aergo Hub has a similarity with AWS (Amazon Web Services), this is the panel of interaction with AergoChain. Hub provides third-party developers the functions of Mikroservice, as well as smart project development in repositories (private and public).

Aergo Marketplace is a market where there is a demand for computer resources from application developers and offering resources from IT providers. It is reported that the Marketplace will be available CPU, storage, algorithms and so on.

4.Aergo has implemented SQL smart contracts
According to statistics, there are more than 8 million sql-developers in the world, which can not be said about qualified personnel who understand Solidity. Aergo developed sql-programmable smart contracts for its platform, which do not require the study of additional languages.

5.MainNet Aergo will be available as early as Q1 2019
Despite the awkwardness of the Aergo platform, developers promise to complete the development of the main circuit in their road map by the first quarter of next year. The test network of the project will be presented to the public at the end of the current year 2018.

The final phase of the project development will be the finalization of the Hub and Marketplace.

  1. The first application on the Aergo blochchain will be called “Capitan Aergo”
    At the moment there are no comments about this application yet, but probably we will hear them in the near future.

  2. Management Aergo has over 50 years of combined experience in business and development areas
    As indicated on the site, the project is managed by 3 people: Phil Zamani, Hun Young Park and Roderick van Der Graaf.

Phil Zamani led 20 years of open source projects that specialize in cloud computing.

Hun Young Park for 12 years developed Relational DBMS and distributed solutions.

Roderik is a blockbuster investor who has worked for 13 years as a trader in top banks, as well as 7 years in private equity / VC.

8.Private sale of the token had an incredible demand
As reported, during the two stages of selling the tokens the team was going to collect US $ 30,000,000. During the private sale, the total number of applications for investment was 20 times higher than the goal of the team. In total, during the private sale, US $ 28,832,654 was collected. The team decided to dwell on this and not start a high-cost process of collecting money at the stage of public sale.

9.Aergo distributes US $ 1,500,000 in tokens to its community
Yes it’s true. As stated above, the project did not focus on raising funds from the community and instead decided to give the remaining tokens to its community. This process was called the Token Distribution Event.

During this event, users show their understanding of the project and its goals in any form that they want. Deadline for this is October 7, after this date, the project will consider all applications from the community and reward tokens of its best participants.

In total, 3,275 people will be rewarded with amounts ranging from $ 250 to $ 2000 in Aergo tokens.

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