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The possibilities of today’s financial markets are huge and sometimes even an experienced trader is very difficult to understand the innovations and tools of various platforms. Along with this, a large number of opportunities provided by stock markets and exchanges often turn into barriers to conducting profitable operations and can cause serious setbacks. In this review, we will talk about the new decentralized blockchain platform Virtuse Exchange, which has embarked on the implementation of blockchain technology in trading operations around the world.

The project idea
The developers of the Virtuse Exchange platform decided that it would be nice to give all comers the opportunity to conduct trading operations faster, safer, with less risks. At the same time, the team proposes to use cryptocurrency assets as an analogue to any physical assets. If you have any reserve, for example, gold — using the resources of the platform you can freely trade them on the market in a cryptocurrency equivalent. At the same time, the developers promise during the transaction to replace centralized processes with decentralized ones, and thus ensure the best quality of the transaction and elimination of disadvantages of centralized processing system.

The principle of the platform work
To realize its idea, the Virtuse Exchange team has created a platform that determines the value of physical assets in cryptocurrencies. Thus, we can distinguish three stages of trade.
The first stage involves giving a user the opportunity to use a certain amount of cryptocurrency in exchange for physical assets such as precious metals, oil, real estate, etc. Similarly, the liquidity of tokens that will participate in the exchange and trade process will be ensured. When you change the balance of physical assets, the corresponding number of tokens will also vary proportionally.
In the second stage, a special platform module, called Digital Asset Collateralized Token(DACT) enters the case. In fact, from this moment begins the so-called tokenization of your property. The DACT module is the fundamental process that ensures the operation of the entire platform. The module will provide different types of coins for the tokenization of different physical assets. At the moment, there are several types of such tokens. Also in the module will be available special analytic programs and programs for analysis of assets used for trade. All these data will form a separate database, access to which will be through the use of platform tokens.

The third stage of the platform's work is the creation of a database, which allows to identify separate groups of assets. For example, those that are at greater risk, or, conversely, at least risky. This tool will allow traders to clearly plan their work and consciously take risks for greater profit. Either this instrument allows to choose a security path and use the data collected by the platform for a more stable income.

The problems that the platform solves

A modern model of the work of traders around the world was created over many years. Nevertheless — now this model is not always applicable in the market, as the market is adjusted for the assets that are used on it. In addition, 87% of all trading operations are concentrated in only 16 stock exchanges. This suggests that the centralization of trade exchanges actually leads to partial monopolization of trade operations and doesn’t allow the development of small exchanges.
Meanwhile, a trader has to pay huge commissions to conduct transactions on large exchanges. And, of course, these transactions will not yield obvious benefits, because of such fees. To achieve significant success within a large exchange, it’s necessary to work there for at least 6 months and all this time to be at least at the same level of assets, but it is almost impossible. With the introduction of blockchain into the exchange trade, all participants at the entrance have equal opportunities and differ only in their own assets, which they can provide with physical values.

As well as for many other branches of our life — the decentralization of Virtuse Exchange will allow to erase the borders between states and continents and will allow to trade wherever there is a connection to the Internet network. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about the small amount of assets that you have at your disposal — this platform allows to so reduce the costs of trading, that carrying out transactions takes an extremely small share of the commission.

Development stages and tokens of the Virtuse Exchange platform

The platform tokens will work on the Ethereum blockchain and have a ticker VIRT. This network was chosen specifically because of the high level of security and the availability of a high degree of user support. Smart contracts of Ethereum allow unhindered and safe distribution of tokens between holders and have transparency at the same time. The ICO of the Virtuse Exchange project was announced in August 2018, and the launch itself is scheduled for October of the same year. In total, it is planned to issue 1 billion tokens, which will be distributed as follows:
40% of tokens (400 million) will be sold as part of the sales phases
25% of tokens (250 million) will be reserved to maintain the liquidity of token
20% of tokens (200 million) will be distributed between the development team and advisors
10% of tokens (100 million) will be distributed among community members
5% of tokens (50 million) will be distributed among platform consultants
The main function of the platform tokens is the calculation of trading operations, and the use of tokens provides holders with various bonuses and discounts. The development team plans to use 25% of all profits when conducting an ICO and redeem their tokens to destroy them later. In total, it is planned to destroy 50% of all tokens.

With the development of trade relations, the demand for trade exchanges is growing. And it would be foolish not to use the latest developments in the field of blockchain to provide access to this type of earnings for all comers. Work and earn with Virtuse Exchange can be anywhere in the world.
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