Blockshipping - Transforming The Global Container Shipping Industry


Denmark is the seventh largest seafaring nation in the world. Not only is Denmark the home of Maersk Line, the world’s largest container shipping company. Danish shipping companies are active in all segments - from dry bulk, oil tankers, offshore and containers.Innovation within shipping is indeed a Danish speciality, but another area in which Denmark has ambition to secure a leading international position is blockchain.

Danish shipping expertise meets Danish blockchain expertise in a highly innovative global project called The Global Shared Container Platform or GSCP. Behind the GSCP platform is the Danish company Blockshipping, Blockshipping and the GSCP platform are already funded by private angels, and The Danish Maritime Fund , and as a supplementary funding method to further accelerate development and adoption.

  • What is Blockshipping doing?

Blockshipping is a Scandinavian company based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Blockshipping is developing The Global Shared Container Platform (GSCP) that will enable a savings potential for the global container industry at the tune of USD 5.7 billion per year by smarter handling of intermodal freight containers. Blockshipping was founded in 2017 by Danish Peter Ludvigsen, who has 40 years of experience from key positions in international container shipping.

What are Blockshipping’s strategic goals for the GCSP project?

  • Become the primary blockchain registry and operational payments platform for the global container fleet within 2 years
  • Achieve 60% market coverage of the global container registry with 16 M container units in the GSCP blockchain registry within 3-4 years.


  • The problem

The container shipping industry accounts for around 60% of all the world’s seaborne trade with a total value of approximately USD12 trillion in 2017. But this hugely valuable industry has been troubled for years by challenges like overcapacity, low rates, security threats, and increasing environmental is a well-known fact in the industry that the global shipping needs increased efficiency, improved processes and a fundamental digital transformation to ensure profitability in the future.

  • The solution

Blockshipping’s Global Shared Container Platform (GSCP) is designed to make key processes in the global handling of containers significantly more efficient and thereby solve some of the most important problems in the container shipping industry today. First and foremost, the purpose of the GSCP platform is to provide a complete blockchain enabled container asset registry (like a ship register) where the full global inventory of containers (approx. 27 million units) are registered along with real-time locations of every single container around the world. The goal within 3-4 years is to achieve a 60% market coverage with 16 million container units in the GSCP blockchain registry. The GSCP platform will enable a savings potential for the global container industry of at least USD 5.7bn per year. In addition, the vision for the GSCP platform is to:

  • Become the primary platform for managing operational payments clearing between stakeholders related to physical handling (interchange), haulage and sharing of containers.
  • Become the shipping industry’s primary IOT platform for real-time tracking of containers enabling real-time visibility of containers to all stakeholders
  • Monetise data insights based on Machine Learning, IOT data, AI, and blockchain data.


  • The ICO

The GSCP ICO offers a unique set of token features including a Revenue Sharing Model as well as a Market Maker Fund that allows ICO contributors to sell their coins back to the platform at a floor price until Blockshipping has met certain fixed milestones. The GSCP platform issues two tokens:

  • The internal utility token, Container Platform Token - or CPT
  • The external Revenue Share Token, Container Crypto Coin - or CCC.

CPT will be used for clearing and settlement of transactions between the users of the platform. These transactions will cover services related to global container handling. A percentage of the revenue from the transactions goes to a Revenue Share Pool and is passed on to the owners of the CCC tokens.

  • Revenue Sharing Model

The GSCP platform issues two tokens: The internal Container Platform Token (CPT) and the external dividend token Container Crypto Coin (or CCC for short) issued on the global Ethereum blockchain for the ICO. The internal CPT token will be used by the industry players when utilising the platform for clearing and settlement of transactions between them.A percentage of the revenue generated from the transaction fees on the GSCP platform will go to a Revenue Share Pool. Through an innovative dividend model, the funds held in the Revenue Share Pool will be passed on to the owners of the CCC tokens in a way that rewards both short-term and long-term token owners.

  • The mechanics is follows:

Blockshipping will exchange the funds in the Revenue Share Pool, i.e. the internal CPT tokens, to US Dollars. Thereafter, Blockshipping will use smart contracts to conduct a Reverse Dutch Auction on the global Ethereum blockchain, i.e. an auction in which Blockshipping will offer the owners of the CCC tokens a price for their tokens. This offered price will increase at fixed intervals during the auction until the total amount of available Ether is spent.This way token owners who chose to sell CCC tokens will receive Ether as payment for these tokens. After the auction, Blockshipping will distribute all the CCC tokens acquired from the auction to all the owners of external tokens on a pro rata basis.

  • Total number of CCC tokens issued: 50,000,000
  • Number of tokens offered during the ICO: 42,500,000
  • Number of tokens held by founders and advisors: 7,500,000
  • Tokens to be sold during pre-sale and the ICO: 40,000,000
  • Number of tokens to be given as bonuses: 2,500,000
  • Price per token during the ICO: USD 0.62
  • Total ICO revenue: USD 24,800,000
  • Token info

Token: CCC

Platform: Ethereum

Type: ERC20

Price in ICO: 1 CCC = 0.62 USD


Pre-sale: 20%

Tokens for sale: 40,000,000

  • Investment info

Min. investment: 100 USD

Accepting: ETH, BTC, Fiat

Distributed in ICO: 80%

Hard cap: 40,000,000 CCC


Q1 2018

  • Platform Design/Prototyping
  • Blockchain Platform Selection
  • Smart Contracts Design

Q2 2018

  • Platform Design/iPaaS Integration
  • Smart Contracts Development
  • Platform Implementation
  • Data Population

Q3 2018

  • Smart Contracts development
  • Mapping of Customer EDI
  • data migration
  • Soft Launch

Q4 2018

  • Data Migration
  • Training/Preparation

Q1 2019

  • Cut-over
  • Hyper Care/Transition


  • Conclusion

2017 was a wild year for ICOs all over the world. Everything seemed possible, and in a hyped market affected by FOMO and gold fever, critical thinking was often weakened or anaesthetised.Thus, during 2017 i saw several examples of ICO projects which should never have been started, either because the projects and the companies behind them did not have much of value to offer, or because they simply did not worry about complying with applicable laws or behave in a responsible, ethical manner.

That is why 2018 will most certainly be a very different year for ICOs. What we see now is a clear trend in the ICO space among potential contributors as well as market analysts, journalists and others towards much sharper critical thinking, and a significantly higher demand for quality projects as well as teams able to justify their existence.

All additional information about the Blockshipping project can be obtained from official sources:


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