Boldman Capital - Decentralized Investment Fund


In conventional markets, privileged people with high capital, already making huge amounts of money with investment funds but in a new economy model like cryptocurrencies, the difference between having high or low capital is nearly gone. Promises of the projects in crypto space can take longer time than expected and because of that investor’s opportunity costs keeps rising and are open to the risk of taking severe losses. Investing in Boldman Capital equals to investing in projects with high reward and potential.

The Solution

We are offering you the advantage of having time to care your loved ones and fulfill yourself. It doesn’t matter how much capital you have; you have the freedom to dream.


Boldman presents an affordable solution for participating in an investment fund without having a substantial capital. We mostly invest in projects that will evolve and grow crypto space. BOLD token owners considered as official shareholders of Boldman Capital, and these shareholders earn dividends from our investment profits as Ether (ETH) directly into Ethereum wallets, per month.


Investors are buying Ethereum tokens to increase their initial investment. That is why Boldman shareholders are earning monthly dividends as Ether (ETH) to their Ethereum wallets. If you have BOLD tokens in your Ethereum wallet, you are eligible to earn Ether every month. We developed a software that detects holders of the BOLD token and shares the profit of our investments.

In traditional markets, asset managing funds share the dividends with their investor quarterly or annually. Crypto market is much more active than conventional markets. In this situation, as Boldman Capital, sharing the dividends with our shareholders in quarterly or annually would be highly unfair. That said, sharing the profit of Boldman Capital investment as monthly is much fairer. It is indeed unfair to determine a fixed rate of profits to share with our token holders in a highly volatile market.


Profitability will change month by month, and it will be much higher in a stable or uptrend market. For the safety of shareholders and to reach maximum profitability even in downtrend market, diversification of Boldman’s portfolio is remarkably high, and the team of analysts is always keeping ahead of the market.Boldman shareholders are also known as token-holders, have the freedom to sell their tokens anytime they want.

Project and its features

No minimum investment requirements

Global investment funds require a substantially high capital to be a part of it. We don't limit our investors; everybody has a right to be a part of a highly profitable investment fund.

Offering the highest form of Freedom

Global investment funds will lock your investment and won't let you withdraw without waiting at least 1 year. Boldman Capital investors can sell or transfer their BOLD tokens anytime they want.

Focused on new Blockchain solutions

We are choosing our investments diligently and focused on projects that are going to change the cryptocurrencies market. You don't need to spend your time to find the perfect project; we are already doing that for you.




  • ICO Start Date: 19 June 2018
  • ICO End Date: 31 October 2018
  • %50 Bonus for a short time.
  • Hard cap: 5890 ETH
  • Maximum Supply: BOLD
  • Unsold tokens will be burned.
  • Team’s Share: %30 of total supply after ICO.
  • ICO: 700.000.000 BOLD
  • Boldman Capital will spend own tokens to list Boldman (BOLD) in Binance and OKEX.
  • %50 Bonus on purchases until 100 Million BOLD tokens sold.



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