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Many of you, like me, once did not believe in the success of cryptocurrencies. I used to think that this technology will not take root in our world as it is-it is too difficult and incomprehensible. Nevertheless, the cryptocurrency market continues to grow and develop for 9 years. In August of this year, the total capitalization of cryptocurrencies has overcome the mark of $ 200 billion. This fact pleases not only me, but also many other experts and specialists. However, despite all the delights of the development of this direction, the crypto-currency world is still experiencing some difficulties, to be more precise, these are various restrictions, because of which the user can not directly interact with the means of crypto-currencies and pay them for any goods or services. Such problems miss the opportunity to reveal the full potential of cryptocurrencies to the public.

To solve this problem, a team of specialists came up with the idea to create and implement a project that would help not only to improve public perception of digital assets, but also to set up a strong relationship of trust between them. The project which will be discussed today is called - Platio.

About the project

Platio is a new innovative platform that has not only the FCA license, but also other European licenses necessary to improve the security of the intelligent banking system. This system is designed to unite and eliminate the boundaries between existing cryptocurrencies and traditional money, combining them into equal partners. Such a symbiosis will provide a wide range of services for a large number of users, while stimulating the global introduction of cryptocurrencies in all areas of our lives, whether it is payment for any goods and services, or even payroll in those assets in which the platform participant himself / herself wishes.


In order for the system to work flawlessly, the development team decided to base its platform on the EOS blockchain technology. Due to this, Platio will be able to quickly and efficiently carry out multi-level interactions within its ecosystem, as well as easily and safely carry out various transactions related to the transfer of cryptocurrency assets to Fiat and Vice versa. So that all the necessary tools were always at hand, the founders of the project have developed a platform so that it can be easily used in both mobile and web versions. A user-friendly interface and reliable infrastructure will allow you to work harmoniously and smoothly with cryptocurrencies, Fiat and shares in the world markets of digital assets. In addition to all this, Platio will be supplemented by other unique products Smart Escrow and Asset Guard. Both of these products intend to use smart contracts in order to provide maximum protection for each user of Platio from any problems relating to the crypto-currency world.

As for Asset Guard, its main task will be to protect the client from the unstable exchange rate of cryptocurrencies, namely from its volatility. This product will allow you to automatically exchange assets, even in the most unpredictable situations in the cryptocurrency market, thereby allowing your user to relax and realize that his funds are protected.


The function of the second Smart Escrow product is also protective, but in this case the user's relationship with the sellers is already involved. Smart Escrow intends to control the honesty of the client and the seller at the time of purchase of the goods or services, thus protecting them from any fraud and late payments.


Advantages Of Platio

This platform is able to make an excellent competition and offer the world a qualitatively new level of services. After all, all current players do not have such a unique offer as the various combinations and products that Platio offers to all of us. To verify this, I propose to read the table, which contains all the advantages and disadvantages of a system:


Project team

If we talk about the team of this project, it is safe to say that it consists of professionals. The founder of this project is Vlad Bunin, who has more than 19 years of experience in the banking sector, as well as in insurance and aviation fields. At the same time, Vlad is not only a member, but also a co – founder of such a company as Hedge Capital. Thus, we are once again convinced that this person has vast experience in managing multi-million budgets. The second most important person in the project Platio, is Dima Okhrimchuk. This person also has a large stock of knowledge, and to be more precise, more than 10 years of experience in the field of technology and Finance. Prior to that, he took an active part in the development of one of the largest platforms photostock. He is also a proud owner of the MBA degree. I will not list all other participants of the project now, you can get acquainted with them in more detail in Whitepaper.



As for the holding of ICO, then the current time passes the private presale, which runs until 11.11.18. The beginning of the public presale is scheduled for 12.11.2018. For this period of time, the project developers have prepared their investors a number of discounts from 10% to 15%. The public sale is scheduled for the end of November, to be more precise, on the 26th of 2018. To buy coins-PGAS, you have the opportunity to use such popular currencies as BTC and ETH. The initial value of one PGAS coin is 0.20 EUR. As part of the ICO, the founders of the project intend to raise investments in the amount of 5 million EUR to 34.5 million EUR.

The distribution of tokens and funds is as follows:



At the end of my short review, I would like to say that this project is very interesting. Especially considering the fact that he intends to build strong and transparent links between modern cryptocurrencies and traditional banking sectors, while ensuring complete security and legality of all business processes. The presence of the Blockchain base will improve the efficiency of all transactions, reducing the time for data processing, inherent in all traditional banking systems. Plus, Platio already has a number of partners represented by Bitcoin Exchange Guid, Positive Technologies, Axcon Partners and Exante.


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