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More recently, virtual reality technology was only a fantasy. However, today it is used quite often, moreover, this area continues to develop. According to preliminary forecasts of Digi-Capital experts, over the next 5 years, virtual reality applications will be installed on 3.5 billion devices. Today, this technology is used to create unique museums with immersion in past eras, as well as in games. However, this is not all the features of this technology.

At the moment, the field of virtual reality technologies is experiencing some problems that prevent its mass distribution, including:

  • need for accurate device positioning when using the app;
  • the difficulty of tracking device movement in space;
  • lack of reliability of built-in objects in the urban environment.

The new Spheroid Universe platform will solve these and a number of other problems.

Project objective

Among the main goals of the development of the Spheroid Universe platform are:

  • attracting the attention of millions of audience to virtual reality technology;
  • the creation of effective business tools;
  • organization of a huge advertising platform;
  • providing opportunities for self-expression;
  • creation of a unique social network of virtual reality with a wide range of opportunities for users.


Principle of operation

The main focus of Spheroid Universe will be the creation of advertising in augmented reality. To implement this task will be used specialized areas in the world of virtual reality, corresponding to the real places on the surface of our planet, which will be called Space.

Each such site can be filled with advertising materials, art or entertainment objects. At the same time, each Space owner can independently dispose of his / her site and specify the conditions under which advertising materials can be placed on this site.


It is important to note that Space is an intellectual property with registration, as well as protection by the legislation of the European Union. Each owner of such a plot has the right to resell his property, rent it out, use it as collateral and even transfer it by inheritance.

The platform will be equipped with the following services:

  • advertising network for advertising agencies and advertisers;
  • exchange for developers and AR designers;
  • virtual reality objects store;
  • communication system for communication between land owners and advertisers;
  • marketplace for Space acquisition;
  • API platform for creating virtual reality scenes and animations;
  • analytical services that demonstrate the patency of sites and their popularity;
  • store of goods and services;
  • application marketplace;
  • voting system for the introduction of new features.

Income on this service can be obtained from the resale of land, as well as from advertising on their own Space.

2018-09-05_18-08-32 2.png

The main financial resource will be SPH tokens, which can be purchased in the internal marketplace, as they are not intended for public sale during the initial placement. The cost of the 1st coin is 0.1 dollar.

The benefits of the project

This project will provide a number of opportunities for investors, advertisers, artists, designers, developers and even ordinary users.

Investing in the purchase of promising sites such as sports stadiums, art galleries, and other objects of mass visit can bring considerable income, since these places are most in demand by advertisers.


For advertisers, this project allows you to place your ads in places where it would seem impossible to find it. Moreover, they will be able to save large amounts on advertising, as they no longer need to print images for advertising stands and pay extra for installation.


Artists and designers will get a way of self-expression. On their own sites, they will be able to create their own drawings and paintings, which can also later be sold in the marketplace.


Also, the developers have not forgotten about ordinary users who will be able to communicate with their loved ones and send them greetings and unique virtual reality objects.


Moreover, the project already has a minimum viable product, testing which is available on iOS and Android.


Based on the advantages and opportunities of this project, we can say with confidence that it can become a new social network of the future in the world of virtual reality. Moreover, Spheroid Universe is able to attract an audience of several billion users, which is a good platform for the development of advertisers and businessmen.

That is why investing in the project in the early stages and the acquisition of popular objects can bring huge income.

Official resources of Spheroid Universe project:

seo-social-web-network-internet_174_icon-icons.com_61537.png WEBSITE: https://www.spheroiduniverse.io
image.png TELEGRAM: https://t.me/spheroiduniverseio
document_3530.png WHITEPAPER: https://www.spheroiduniverse.io/pdf/WP_eng.pdf
bitcoin-logo_icon-icons.com_73658.png ANN THREAD: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2797266
FB_icon-icons.com_65484.png FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/spheroiduniverse
twitter-3_icon-icons.com_50735.png TWITTER: https://twitter.com/spheroid_io
social_instagram_3 (1).png INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/spheroiduniverse/
medium-48_46227.png MEDIUM: https://medium.com/@spheroiduniverse
YOUTUBE_icon-icons.com_65487.png YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg0qMAA8g1uHr4pZbcZ_Jjw

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