It is not news hearing that our poor little blue planet is dying. Many factors can be pointed at as primary reasons for this rapid and continual degradation and most of them are caused by man and his activities. Where do we start from? Is it the exponential deforestation that is being facilitated around the world even as you are reading this, or is the gas flaring caused by multi-national oil companies? We have not even mentioned the emission of Chlorofluorocarbon into the atmosphere by the exhaust of cars and industrialized machines, neither have we touched the radiation of dangerous chemicals into the air by those great powers of the world who always want to have the lead whenever it comes to nuclear weapons and ammunition strength. It is high time something is being done to cut this evil episode of the world short.

A plethora of people love nature, especially when it comes to having a good landscape that sweeps the heart. We have ardent admirers and wooers of nature who can’t help but fall in love with nature at sight. I am one of such persons who love green woods, rivers, lakes and oceans, but lately one big question has been hitting me quite hard and that is the curiosity of how many of us admirers think about the preservation of these things that move us? The figure is quite small I bet you, but we can do something about it; we can do something about saving a heritage for our children to come.
It was on a quest to know how I can enhance my contribution to save the ecosystem that I got to meet Here is a tip of the iceberg.

EtherGreen is a global community built on Ethereum. It is a small group of co-thinkers seeking to have their say. They have it upon themselves as a conviction that creating GREEN token the problem of the earth’s suffering is partly solved to an extent. As a people with a vision, the target is to create a community that will be a whole body to implement change and care about nature preservation.

EtherGreen is not pledging to totally eliminate every iota of degradation on the surface of the earth as that is practically impossible to do. Rather, despite tribulations, it is striving to create a community able to solve pollution problems, starting low. You might want to ask questions like how can I join this community, how much will it cost me to join EtherGreen, why the use of Ethereum and not other alternatives, etc.? Answers to questions like this and many more can be seen on the whitepaper at

EtherGreen, with full intent, aims at contributing its own quota to the solution of the colossal problems facing the earth like deaths caused by environmental pollution, deforestation, bush burning etc.. It will be a big honor to have you join this vision while you still can.

Guess what? Unlike every other platform similar to this campaign, tokens will not be purchased before one can be a part of this life saving train. Instead, partnerships and sponsorships will help us in this matter in the future.There will just be registrations and airdrops which will come up this November 2017.
The Ethereum token standard (ERC20) which is used for Ethereum smart contracts will be implemented here. Also, the total supply of GREEN (which is the program’s official currency) is 45,000,000
The contract address to get GREENS is
I do not want to ever live in a time where I will tell my children stories like “there used to be animals called lions and elephants, but they went into extinction because all their homes were destroyed and nothing was done to stop that”. Or stories like, “when I was at your age, we used to have these trees called iroko but they no longer are in the forest because they used them all for expensive furniture”. To avoid these, I am participating in the program. What kind of stories do you want to tell you children and grand-children? I bet a heroic one indeed, then take the heroic move- join ETHERGREEN.

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