Who doesn’t love going out to have a good time? I do! In my quest of looking for a better way of hanging out, I discovered a swell site, www.outmysphere.com, which has thrilling features for a social guy like me. I don’t know about you but I love hanging out in grand class and being a chivalrous fellow at the same time. OutMySphere (buckled with MeeTip; a sister app) is the correct deal to promote sociality and at the same time give you a plethora of opportunities to express how cool, courteous and civilized you are. Want to know more, click here https://meetip.io/pdf/WhitePaper.pdf to get a full dose of what you are about to witness, but here is the proverbial tip of the iceberg.

                                                       AN OVERVIEW OF OUTMYSPHERE


Virtually every sector is now on the crytoeconomy which is growing exponentially in less than a decade and half of its existence. Cryptocurrency is not just a profitable trend in the global society; it is the future of the world’s monetary economy. The goal is that every transaction should be capable of being performed using cryptos. OutMySphere is a part of that dream as they intend making socialization a part of the crypto cycle.
OutMySphere is a hybrid project that mixes crowd measuring and meetings. Available on iOS and Android, OutMySphere allows you to visualize bars, cafes, restaurants and much more establishments around you, to visualize people who are in, their sentimental situation and to get in touch with them.
The market is quite big and lucrative. Bars, cafes and restaurants market represents a turnover of $1,674 trillion for 16 million establishments. Each month, more than 2.5 billion people attend these establishments. OutMySphere aims at making these outings more lively and also make good money, which you can have a share of, from doing so. They intend achieving these unique cool features;

• Users being able to view the establishments around you including bars, restaurants, coffees, casinos, nightclubs and fitness gyms.
• You can know in real time the number of people present in the chosen establishment as well as their name and their picture.
• You can know if your Facebook friends are present in an establishment. Of course you can’t just leave Facebook out of social matters.
• You can quickly find your favourite establishments with the ‘Favourites’ menu.
• An encrypted messaging service gives you the possibility to chat with other people present in the same establishment as you. You can also even know the emotional state of persons around you. How possible is that?

OutMySphere has a joint app coupled inside of it, making the OutMySphere a twin package. The name of the other app, being a cryptocurrency, which even makes the OutMySphere atmosphere hotter, is MeeTip. Want to know how it works?
MeeTip allows you to be able to offer a drink to another fellow inside the establishment where you are at or at any corner of the globe, and also give a tip to a staff with whom you are well pleased. These two functionalities will be usable with MeeTip, the cryptocurrency embedded into OutMySphere using the Ethereum BlockChain. You might want to click on www.outmysphere.com for more.
All these features will be made available on the network by using blockchain technology based on smart contract. You can be a beneficial, not just by using the app, but by earning as the company earns hugely. Learn more by seeing https://meetip.io/pdf/WhitePaper.pdf
This you can do by buying tokens from www.meetip.io.


The ICO sale shall occur in two tiers- the PreICO and the ICO sales. More details about these sales are displayed in colorful pictures below.


  2. NAREK MKRTCHIAN- Co-Founder
  3. PAUL ANYAN- Lead Developer
  4. ANTHONY COLLIN- Java Developer
  5. MARIA ILANI- Head of Communications, and other experienced advisers too numerous to list.
    A friendly advice; hurry up while the sales last because there will be no second chance. Make the smart choice, make the MeeTip choice now. Buy from

Official Website: https://www.outmysphere.com
ICO Site: www.meetip.io
Whitepaper Link: https://www.meetip.io/pdf/WhitePaper.pdf
Official Bitcontalk ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2328623
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/outmysphereapp
Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/outmysphere

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