Harnessing the crypto market will pave you room for success and xchangerate robot will give you that, market daily trading requires special skills, understanding and decision making. Xchangerate robot is the platform you can get both using advanced metric intelligence and automation inculcated with decentralized strategy sharing visit the website https://tokensale.xchangerate.io/

The 21 century which has birthed crypto currency, we have seen the massive growth and acceptance whereby traders and trading fold have increased. this high movement begets market manipulation and loss of money xchangerate gas got u covered. Cryptocurrency has grown at an exponential rate in 2017. The total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies grew from about $17.74 billion in January to over $512 billion in early December. Significant growth of the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology market is predicted to continue. One estimate shows a compound annual growth rate of 35.2% during the forecast period of 2016-2022, aggregating $42.16 billion by 2022. Another estimate expects the market to grow to $51 billion by 2023. By 2025, total market capitalization could exceed $5 trillion, as crypto wallet penetration is expected to exceed 5% of the world’s population and asset-backed cryptocurrencies give rise to trading asset tokens. xchange will pull its traders massive profit from the market stats stated above visit the site now https://tokensale.xchangerate.io/ to be a part.


Xchangerate Robot with the help of augmented intelligence will offer its users(traders)data gathering capabilities, interpreting comprehensive data, pragmatic decision making encapsulating it with automation and bringing consistency to it. xchangerate will bring trade to all its trades making its users make unmetered profits daily,it proffers solution with intelligence algorithm that will help investors navigate in the complex crypto currency market and data pipelines from plugins and API’s combined with unit relevant metres to dectect market attitudes of investors setting buy/sale parameters and choose to make manual or automatic trends triggered if-then conditions users are no longer obliged to make every decision separately tracked trends and currency instead, the xchangerate robots makes intelligent decisions of its users behalf enabling investors trade popular currencies around the clock based on a set of criteria and interpretation of good data analysis proprietary to XRR platforms. The whitepaper explained the project in details check it out https://tokensale.xchangerate.io/static/pdf/XchangeRate-Whitepaper_en.pdf


Q1 2017 project idea conceived
Q2 2017 (cmb development )coin monitoring gain
Q3 2017 cmb 1.0 release cmb 2.o release
Q4 2017 full automation of xchangerater robot with PRR ND PR full automation of xchangerate robot with s.i


Q 1 2018 pre-sale (with bonus) crowd sale with bonus) full automation of xchangerate robot with RSI and MACD
Q2 2018 XRR token emission on ethereum blockchain starts XPR token to be processed and utility token for subscribers
Q3 2018 cmb 3.0 release
Q4 2018 stage deployment of xchange platform for market and derivatives and intrsuments
SCHEDULE Q2 2019 xchange platform universe edition advanced technical analysis machine learning for market derivatives and
Q2 2019 deploy hybrid exchange


An Investment with xchangerate robot it’s a clairvoyant investment, by buying into its initial coin offering ,offers u a chance to own it crypto currency at a little amount. I am projecting this coin to hit not less than $15 dollars per coin in its 1st 6months because of the special features its offering to traders ,I have bought my and blogged about it(XRR) coin. join me as we harness the billion dollars worth of crypto market for financial gains with xchangerate boot. Check out the whitepaper https://tokensale.xchangerate.io/static/pdf/XchangeRate-Whitepaper_en.pdf


Token Generating Event
The ICO is being held to raise funds for actively
developing their existing platform, partnering and
collaborating with trading platforms and other
derivatives. Expanding our marketing to
extensively reach a wide audience to encourage
mass adoption of our unique metrics.
All non-traded tokens will be burned after the ICO.
Pre-Sale dates: March 20, 2018 - April 5, 2018
Minimum purchase: 1 ETH or 0,10 BTC
Accepted payment
methods: ETH, BTC

Tokens available
for sale: 40 000 000 XRR
Pre-Sale token price: + 12 000 000 Bonus
Pre-Sale Cap: 1 ETH = 20 000 XRR
+ 30% (6 000 XRR) Bonus
2000 ETH or 200 BTC
Duration 7 weeks
1ETH at Base Price of Cut-off Date for Pre ICO Launch Date
1BTC at Base Price of Cut-off Date for ICO Launch Date
ICO Terms
Public ICO dates: April 12, 2018 - May 9, 2018
Minimum purchase: 0,10 ETH or 0,01 BTC
Accepted payment
methods: ETH,BTC
Token ICO price: 1 ETH = 10 000 XRR
Soft Cap: 2 000 ETH or 200 BTC
Hard Cap: 16 000 ETH or 1 600 BTC
ICO stage Period Tokens available Bonus, % Tokens
duration for sale per 1 ETH
ICO stage 1 April 12 - 40 million tokens 20% 12 000
April 17 + 8 million Bonuses
ICO stage 2 April 18 - 40 million tokens 15% 11 500
April 24 + 6 million Bonuses
ICO stage 3 April 25 - 40 million tokens 10% 11 000
May 1 + 4 million Bonuses
ICO stage 4 May 2 - 40 million tokens 5% 10 500
May + 2 million Bonuses
Funds Distribution
The ICO funds are required to help ThinkAI Inc. continue
with development, marketing, partnerships and
collaborations and expansion across other derivatives.
47.5% Platform Developments
14.3% Research and Products Improvements
9.5% Exchange Partnerships
9.5% Marketing and User Acquisition
8.6% Project Stakeholders
4.8% Operational Costs
4.8% Security Reserve
1% Legal expenses



For more information about xchangerate robot tokens, partnership and registration please click on

Official Website: https://tokensale.xchangerate.io/
Whitepaper Link: https://tokensale.xchangerate.io/static/pdf/XchangeRate-Whitepaper_en.pdf
Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/xchangerate.io
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/XchangeRate_io
Official Telegram: https://t.me/xchangerateICO
Official Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/xchangerate/

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