Swiss Alps Mining


Swiss Alps Mining is a mining company that connects the world of blockchain with ecologically friendly mining in unused buildings in the Swiss Alps.

Switzerland is the pioneer of the green energy. The environmental advantages of the country have always been noted and protected by local government. Ski resorts, sanatoria, medicine are developing in this country due to the beauty and healing nature of these places. At the beginning of the XX century, there were more than 7,000 different hydroelectric power stations.


Thus, high-mountain mining can become a new round in the development of the state in the prospects of future cryptocurrencies expansion. The Swiss Alps are not only a ski resort and a beautiful place, it is also a place for mining now.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are constantly developing, mining takes an active part in this development. It is known that the role of mining is reduced, but it remains enormous and will not disappear. Mining will be relevant, it just transforms into a narrower industry activity with its own laws and the new rules.

Let's consider the main aspects that the mining industry is facing off at the moment:
  1. Cooling problem
  2. Hardware noise
  3. Cost of electricity

Swiss Alps Mining plans to solve these problems with their new product.

SAM Cubes

These are modular mining cubes that provide a good level of automatization and require minimal attention to the mining process. For the convenience of maintenance and monitoring of hardware, all cubes interact with a Central platform that will assign optimal parameters to maximize mining.

The cube has a modular aluminum corpus and comes in two versions:
  1. 4x2x2 meters
  2. 8x2x2 meters


The cube can be easily assembled on site or delivered in assembled form. Due to the average temperature of 15 degrees, in the Alps, the cube does not need additional cooling, besides its own smart system.

SAM cube can be equipped with ASIC or GPU hardware. The cube can fit about 50 ASICs with a total capacity of 700TH / s or several GPU installations with a total capacity of 4000 MH / s. At the moment, SAM cube can produce almost all cryptocurrencies, the users should only to choose what they like most.

The cube is also equipped with the possibility of smart mining. Through the use of artificial intelligence will be mine that coins, which are most beneficial for mining at the moment. The system will offer various options to optimize mining in the process and the user will be able to follow them or not.


Organic Rankine Cycle

In addition to standard ventilation methods, the cube will use a special technology called Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC). The system will use the generated warm from the heating of mining hardware and transform it into the new electricity. Thanks to the height at which the cubes will be located, the resumption of energy will be facilitated by the fact that the boiling point of the water will less. This will reduce the cost of electricity consumption by up to 50% compared to other mining hardware.

Swiss Alps Energy AG produces constant low-cost energy for SAM cubes, it is a kind of power plant that acts as an independent supplier of electricity. Only renewable energy sources will be used for mining. Because of this, the mining will be much more profitable with the cheaper cost of such energy.


The company proposes to use empty buildings in the Swiss Alps, as locations of mining hardware. At the moment there are about 400 000 of these buildings that under current laws cannot be used as housing. Local government has already assured the company of assistance in the implementation of this project in the region of Heinzenberg (Canton of graubünden).

Wherever the cubes will be work in the Alps, will be also created SAM centers to ensure the safety and workability of the cube.


Total number of the tokens

239,682,538 SAM

Price of the token


Hard Cap


Token distribution


  • 68.9156% the main sale
  • 10% team and partners
  • 8% early angle token, advisor
  • 6.0844% pre-sale
  • 5% bounty
  • 2% future contributors

Allocation of the collected funds


  • 60% mining facilities, hydrowpower plant
  • 18% administration, salaries, rents
  • 10% marketing, promotion costs
  • 5% development, blockchain, certification
  • 5% cube construction
  • 2% legal costs








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