Today we will consider a new project of the cryptocurrency exchange. We all know that exchanges play a big role in the life and functioning of cryptocurrencies. The exchange market is growing and exchanges are evolving along with the development of the whole crypto world. As we remember the leadership in terms of trading volume, and therefore the popularity of the exchange as a whole is constantly changing. Those exchanges that were popular a few years ago have long been at the end or in the middle of the list. In their place come new, more innovative and functional trading platforms that come up with more and more useful features within their system.


So, what is BQT and what are its outstanding features?

The main problem of current crypto-exchanges is that they are closely related to fiat currencies and are often targeted to them ( for example, USDT) . Not all cryptocurrencies can be directly exchanged with each other. This, in turn, brings inconvenience to users, as well as hinders the development of the entire cryptocurrency market.

While many Blockchain experts are trying to find more ways to marry CRYPTO with FIAT, BQT Team believes in reducing dependency on FIAT altogether.


In addition, BQT provides the ability to hedge your crypto assets for a short period of time by escrow of your existing crypto holdings. This, in turn, allows traders to acquire a significantly large number of additional crypto assets without the need for a traditional margin trading. You can offer any cryptocurrency against other crypto assets with different terms of premium and period of time.

Unlike conventional margin trading, BQT offers a mechanism for providing funds through p2p (person-to-person). The provider will fund the money in a certain currency and at the end of the term will be able to receive a premium and his money in one of the two participating in the transaction currencies of his choice.

BQT will also have a user -friendly interface. Various methods of encryption will ensure confidentiality and protection for traders. For example, 2FA configuration.



Total number of the tokens


For the sale


Token price

800 BQTX = 1 ETH

At the moment the company has already collected $8,7 MM. The project has reached the Soft Cap and now is arriving to the Hard Cap.


Token distribution


  • 57.5%Public
  • 20% Founders and Management
  • 2% ICO Advisors and Bounty Marketers
  • 20.5% Company

Funds allocation


  • 45% Technology
  • 35% Marketing/Expansion
  • 12% Operations
  • 8% Other






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