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Real estate is a part of every person's life, we are all connected with it. We have an apartment, an office or a favorite store near the house. Real estate for a long time is one of the main assets in the modern world. Ownership of property guarantees the higher level security of assets than keeping money in cash. Real estate cannot be depreciated or stolen, it is a reliable stable asset and a huge market with large revenues. The total requirement for this kind of assets is constant and creates a great demand whether residential or commercial real estate.

REGO focuses on real estate transactions using the advantages of the blockchain technology. The company plans to develop an effective platform and various applications for real estate activities, including buying, selling or management of this property.

Access to quality real estate properties, especially for those that have below market pricing or replacement value, has traditionally not been available to offshore investors because information on these properties is usually not transparent…REGO is set up to take advantage of the well-established founder’s network and process for sourcing properties at below market prices to be listed for serious real estate investors from around the world.


The faunder of REGO


According to information provided on the website of the company the founder of REGO is Lionel Tan (Peng Tang Peng) who is the CEO Natnaes Investments LLC. During his work, he has created a large portfolio of real estate with the help of his agency network and property managers in the United States.

Thus, REGO has a large experienced team of real estate professionals and should provide high-yield investments to the participants of the platform.

The main features of the platform

The platform will support all major cryptocurrencies for transactions on the platform (Bitcoin, Ethereum, REGO token itself and others). Using the REGO token, the user will be able to receive a discount of up to 20% of the price in cash.

The platform will be available on desktop and mobile versions of different applications.

For convenience of the user inside the platform will be created an electronic wallet. In addition to tokens, it will store all necessary information about transactions for easy search and viewing the essential characteristics. For example: payment information, the process of signing the lease agreement, the conditions of collection of the funds for repair and maintenance of real estate.

Buying and selling of real estate will be tracked through a smart contract. Because of it, the buyer will be able to track the chain of ownership of the property. To secure the transaction will be used a deposit. As soon as both sides execute the smart contract with their private keys, the transaction will be imlemented.


The platform will provide all the necessary services, that may require in the process of buying real estate. Just imagine the number of problems that may arise in the process of registration of real estate in another country. This will relate to communication with various government agencies, legal services, repairs and much more. To pay for these services, you can use the platform token. Thus, the company wants to make the process of buying real estate as simple as possible for investors from abroad.

Development plan of the company

REGO will begin its development and implementation of a residential real estate project from the United States, followed by the addition of commercial real estate to the platform.

In the future, REGO also plans to enter the world real estate market including Europe and Asia.

The purpose of the company is to reach the global real estate market.


Total number of the tokens

55,000,000 REGO

Price of the token

1 REGO = 0,000625 ETH

Start date of the sale

1 May 2018

End of the token sale

31 July 2018

Hard Cap

20,000 ETH

Token allocation


  • 9,8% Advisors
  • 18,2% Reserved
  • 72% Public Sale

Distribution of the collected funds


  • 40% Sourcing Properties
  • 20% Reserve
  • 15% Marketing
  • 10% Development Costs
  • 10% Admin Setup
  • 5% Legal






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