TV-TWO - part 2

Today I want to tell more about TV-TWO. Earlier I described what project is it. TV-TWO is a token ecosystem for a decentralized TV industry, an application for Smart TVs, it is a new vision of TV. Advantages of decentralizing television are obvious. The possibility of personalized Video Stream is awesome! Using TV-TWO you can earn the token by watching. This is a new era of advertising and watching TV!


Let’s see more detailed who are the founders of TV-TWO.

There are two co-founders TV-TWO:


Jan Phillip Hofste


Philipp Schulz

Both of them worked in Minodes from Berlin, Germany. Minodes offers retailers an innovative platform for analysis and marketing optimization.

They start to develop TV-TWO in 2017. From the beginning of the foundation to the present day, they are really interested in the TV-TWO product. They actively went to various conferences and talked about their vision of the television and the project.

Understanding the idea, active marketing and their desire allowed to gain recognition and get a great good team.

As founders, we engage as much as possible with our community. We love the direct discussion. We learn from the experienced input. We appreciate every clap, every like, and every retweet. Every community member counts. In the end, we are totally aware that it will not be the team of TV-TWO succeeding, it will be the TV-TWO family succeeding.

They are very active in the telegram group and engage in constructive dialogues with the community. The number of participants of the telegram group now is more than 10 000 people. Over the last six months, they have published a huge number of articles and concluded a large number of partnerships.

One of the last partnership that necessary to mention is the business partnership with 20th Century FOX! It is really excited what success achieved these guys. 20th Century FOX is movie industry giant and their partnership means the development of the project in the future.

ICO has already collected 7,341,467 USD

What's next?

The sale will end on 24 July 2018. TV-TWO will release an application for Samsung and LG and integrate advertisers and content providers.

By the end of summer 2018 TV-TWO also plans to release an application for Toshiba, TP Vision, and Panasonic too. Then for Sony, Hisense, and Sharp. So TV-TWO will possible to use by every TV.

A Large part (60%) of the collected funds will be used to preserve and increase the dev team to accelerate the creation of the application and its integration with the decentralized ecosystem. Some part of the funds will be used to advertise TV-TWO through marketing operations. TV-TWO also reserved 10% of the funds to cover legal and administrative costs. Moreover, 10% of the collected funds will be set aside for unforeseen developments.

We don’t just want to disrupt a $180 billion market for the sake of it; our aim is to change the daily life of billions of consumers. Getting that right takes time.

The company will reach many achievements. This is a great example when the interest in your work, attention to the whole community and transparent have made possible to succeed.








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