The issue of exchange of cryptocurrencies into other currencies has imposed a lot of challenges to those who wishes to exchange their currencies, this bedeviling challenge is ranging from the centrality in the exchange market and the rigorous bureaucratic processes required before any exchange which has caused most investors the lack of confidence when it comes to exchange due to the delayed technique before one could receive notification but thank God for the arrival of BIXTRIM which is primarily saddled with responsibility of ensuring a safe and reliable multiple method of transaction with the aid of the blockchain technology.

BIXTRIM is a blockchain-based multi-functional financial platform that includes every salient cryptocurrency market features, products and services. It is equally desirous to enhance Futures contracts for easy exchange between the service provider and our users of the platform, it sort to ensure New cryptocurrency supporting escrow and multi-factor authentication to detect any form of illegality or fraud in the platform, and creation of Debit Cards directly linked to cryptocurrency wallets; this will go a long way in ensuring the security of the users coin due to the high encrypted technology which makes it more difficult for online account hackers.

The BIXTRIM ICO is open for investors to buy our coin and make commensurate income due to the high percentage accrued to them as their proof of stake (POS) in the development of this brand new technological innovation Their advanced global platform will look to accommodate the advent of crypto market fans who are looking to use the innovation to their advantage. To enable this, BIXTRIM will use their native cryptocurrency to allow anyone to participate by becoming a BMX token holder

We desire to Make cryptocurrencies accessible and usable on a daily basis with the capacity to enable one hundred exchange within a split of seconds., a long side the provision for a market structure that will leverage financial instruments based on the revolutionary benefits of the digital economy.


The delay in the process of exchange of cryptocurrency, this act of delay has often caused a lot of challenges as owners always fall prey to the hands of middle men who claims to offer them services and later fraud owners of the real currency who wishes to exchange them. Generally, the owners of cryptocurrencies cannot exchange them to fiat money instantly, cashing out from exchange platforms takes a lot of time (several business days).


We desire to bring an end to this above stated difficulty with one of the leading microfinance organization in Georgia and member of our holding, customers will be able to cash out cryptocurrencies in minutes at our cash desks. Bixtrim will use the network of service centers, allowing easy access to any interested parties

We desire to bring an end to this above stated difficulty through the creation of a network of service to with our micro finance partner in Georgia, we also intend to use accounts in various banks, to support as many modern money transfer methods,as possible (ex: SEPA)to make transfers quick. Through our account network we will find the fastest track to your bank account.


Bixtrim offers a multiplicity of benefit to users of the platform which has been highlighted above but for the purpose of clarity please visit the whitepaper via

Get to join in on Bixtrim the blockchain industry- With cryptocurrency gaining popularity, there is plenty of applications to the financial sector. BIXTRIM is an example of a like-minded approach brings.


Here, the holders of the tokens are given the opportunity to store, exchange or trade cryptographic money. Later, BIXTRIM will include bonuses and a credit card of BMX coins. For more updates about the distribution of our token, please check below;


Token info
  • Token: BXM

  • Platform: Ethereum

  • Type: ERC20

  • Price in ICO1 BXM = 1 USD


First week of Sales: 60%
Second week of Sales: 40%
Third week of Sales: 20%
Tokens for sale53,600,000
Investment info
Min. investment: 30 BXM
Accepting: BTC, LTC, ETH, Fiat
Distributed in ICO: 74%

Bixtrim BXM Token ICO Details

ICO Dates

  • Start- 1st June 2018
  • End- 31st August 2018
  • Total emission volume is 72 000 000 tokens, which are divided into several parts:
  • 7 800 000 tokens will be sold in discount packages, including.
  • The first week of Sales 1 300 000 (60% discount)
  • The second week of Sales 2 600 000 (40% discount)
  • The third week of Sales 3 900 000 (20% discount)
  • Regular sales process begins from the fourth week
    &45 800 000 tokens will be sold at an original price.
  • 6 500 000 tokens for referral bonuses and lottery drawing.
  • 11 900 000 tokens stay in possession of co-founders, partners and advisors.

In the view of knowing in depth about the operations of the Bixtrim exchange technology, one will be meant to understand that it was initiated to bring an end to the problem barricading an easy means of sending series of exchange within the split of seconds. more so, Our payment methods include SWIFT and SEPA bank transfer, debit and credit card and various crypto currencies.

For more info you can read the site and social media below:

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