Blockonomics is an industry-leading payment processing system for merchants accepting bitcoin. The purpose of Blockonomics is to provide users with truly decentralized, reliable and secure, completely hassle-free, straight-line payment solutions for BTC wallets.Blockonomics is a decentralized bitcoin payment solution where the platform services improve the functionality of the wallets you already have. The purpose of the platform is to continue to allow users to directly accept bitcoin, be it billing, receiving donations or running an e-Commerce store.Blockonomics is a solution that provides specialized transaction tools that improve the use of BTC. Payment allows you to easily accept BTC payments in your WHMCS installation. There are no security risks; payments go directly to your own BTC wallet. The full verification process takes place on the Blockonomics website. All major HD wallets as well as all major currencies are supported. No API key approval required, installation is quick and easy.Blockonomics guarantees the absolute absence of intermediaries, the lack of access to users ' private keys, the absence of KYC / documentation and direct and instant payments and e-Commerce donations to any SegWit wallet or SegWit.



Blockonomics started as a wallet watcher and blockexplorer in 2015, and has been continuously innovating with the latest in Bitcoin technology. Blockonomics is a decentralized and permissionless Bitcoin payment solution, where our services enhance the functionality of the wallets you already own. Our goal is to continue allowing you to accept Bitcoin directly, whether you're invoicing, receiving donations, or running an e-commerce store. We strongly believe the power of Bitcoin is in decentralization and cryptography.

Bitcoin Wallet Watcher

Keep tabs of your Bitcoin addresses/xpub all in one place. Receive email notification of transactions. View graphs of your balance history and separate wallets by tags.


Peer to peer invoices

Easiest way to send a Bitcoin invoice without worrying about the fluctuating price. Your invoices are also encrypted, enhancing privacy. 



One of the popular and reliable Blockexplorers in Bitcoin. Lightweight, fast, and allows user to query multiple addresses. Pioneer and leader in Bech32/Segwit adoption. 


Directly to wallet merchant service

Allows merchants to accept bitcoin directly to their HD wallets. No approvals/KYC required. Plugins for popular e-commerce platforms like Woocommerce, Prestashop 


Send bitcoin via email

A decentralized way to send Bitcoin to your friends and family via email. No Bitcoin keys are stored on our servers. Uses split key generation to achieve distributed trust.



1.September 2018 More e-commerce integrations — Shopify, OpenCart, ZenCart, Wix etc.

  1. December 2018 BlockExplorer and blockchain improvements — Accurate confirmation estimates for mempool transactions. Graphs and charts to keep track of blockchain data.
  2. March 2019 Native altcoin support for Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash — Enhance the customer experience by accepting altcoins payments together with Bitcoin. Track all coins from same dashboard.
  3. June 2019 Lightning Network integration — Easy integration to receive Lightning Network payments on your website. Receive payments as low as 1¢ without any overhead.
  4. Nov 2019 Zero confirmation payments — Accept zero confirmation payments using our special API that detects possible double spends with high accuracy.
  5. April 2020 Send API with multisignature wallet — Secure and robust API to programmatically send crypto payments.

Team is a good mix of experts from different fields.There are experts in business administration and mechanical engineering as well as software development and finance.All important employees can look back on a long and successful career and bring the necessary experience to the company. 


Token Sale

Key Details about BCK tokens: Customers can use BCK tokens to over 2000+ worldwide Blockonomics powered sores, without paying any payment fee for BCK transaction on the platform. In case of E-commerce purchases to Blockonomics powered E-commerce sites, customers alongside Bitcoin will be able to use BCK tokens, availing discounts on the purchased items. Lastly, using BCK token, customers can get bonuses/rewards on transacting. In Blockonomics market, the BCK token price will exist in the function of supply and demand. 

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