Welcome my dear readers. Today I have prepared for you a review of the new project. In this review we will review the main strengths of the project and its prospects.In this review, we will discuss all the advantages of this project, learn about the purpose and the token, get acquainted with the project team, analyze a few more important details and of course talk about the ICO. I think you will be interested about this project!

Few people probably know what e-Commerce. In simple terms, it is the purchase, sale of goods or services provided on the Internet. You may think that e-Commerce is a new phenomenon, but it is not so. She is more than forty years old. But unfortunately, many entrepreneurs or novice businessmen are still far from e-Commerce, so it is used incorrectly, or do not use. And with the advent of cryptocurrency has become even more difficult for those people who do not know what it is. And with the advent of the platform Blockonomics people will begin to understand how to use e-Commerce, will develop more and more in the new technology and this in turn will affect our world very positively. I'll explain why. Blockonomics is such a processing system, with the help of which various sellers will be able to accept not only cash for the goods they sold to the buyer, but imagine Bitcoin. Also, Bitcoin will be accepted by organizations that are engaged in charity and many other companies, in General, now this service is becoming more and more popular every month and therefore Blockonomics also does not lag behind and keeps pace with the time. Blockonomics goal is to their users to make payments seamlessly, safely, reliably and transparently with bitcoin wallets.


Bitcoin wallet

Where you can store the addresses of your bitcoin wallets in one place, not in different places.I think it is a great convenience, because you will not lose anything. You will also be able to receive email messages about all your transactions. Another advantage of this wallet is that you can see your entire history, and of course the balance of the wallet.

Peer-to-peer account

You can easily send any amount of bitcoins without worrying that the price may grow.Also all your accounts will be anonymous and no one will know about anything.

Block conductor

One of the most popular and reliable bitcoin conductors. With it, you can easily and simply request the user's wallet address.

Service with a wallet

Sellers will be able to accept bitcoin from the buyer to their wallet.Without any coordination and verification of identity.

Sending bitcoin by email

With this platform, you can send your bitcoin to friends and family by e-mail. With all this on their servers are not stored private keys to your wallets. Agree this immediately causes a huge credibility.

Information about the ICO and the token

The token of this platform is BCK

Customers can use BCK tokens worldwide.

The main advantages of the BCK token:

Sellers do not take any Commission when paying with BCK token.

You will be able to earn rewards or bonuses each time you use your BCK token.

Can get discounts when buying on sites and affiliate stores.

The total number of BCK tokens is 1 billion.

The maximum amount of collection - $10 million.

Beginning Of Pre Sale-01.07.2018

The End Of The Pre Sale - 31.07.2018

Token price - $0.01666667

The Beginning Of The Main Sale - 01.08.2018

The End Of The Main Sale - 15.08.2018

The price per token is $0.02

Token distribution

45% Pre-sale

10% of Basic sale

15% of the growth Fund

5% of Supporters

5% Command

15% of Founders

5% Private sale

Distribution of collected funds from ICO

45% Development of core platform

10% platform Integration

10% open source Development

15% Sales and marketing

10% Miscellaneous costs

10% Social and advertising activities


The project has a small team. But all highly qualified specialists in the field of blockchain and business. Their big plus is that behind them they have many years of experience.So the team members are no ordinary guys,but serious people who took up the project thoroughly.


I am sure the project is definitely promising. The idea is just interesting. Thanks to the platform Blockonomics e-Commerce will be even faster to develop that for buyers and sellers will be much more convenient.In General, this platform I did not see a single minus, but only the pros. So dear friends do not pass by this project, and look at it.

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